Cimento Collection

A capsule collection series made of Cimento®, the exclusive registered compound using more than 90 percent mineral aggregates mixed with a cementitious binder, created in 2019 under the art direction of Aldo Parisotto, Parisotto + Formenton Architetti: Cimento Collection.

A line of furniture developed through fruitful collaboration with international designers and architects, such as Parisotto + Formenton, Defne Koz & Marco Susani, Omri Revesz, Studio 63, BBA Studio, and Patricia Urquiola.

The Newest Pieces of the Cimento Collection

Cimento Collection is enriched with new elements that combine with strongly expressive colors inspired by Venice.

Among the new items is the Lido table, designed by Parisotto + Formenton, for living and outdoor, which joins the bench line of the same name, the iconic Bovolo lamp by BBA Studio by Barbara Ballabio and Andrea Burgio, while the Torcello chairs by Defne Koz and Marco Susani, the coffee tables by Omri Revesz and the Accademia bookcase by Studio 63 are presented with renewed finishes.

Patricia Urquiola and Cimento®

Patricia Urquiola, in her first collaboration with the company, has interpreted the innovation of Cimento®, translating it into a collection of furnishings and accessories: the Frari tables and coffee tables; the Zattere stools; the Fondamenta side tables; and the Erasmo vases, with finishes that are surprising for the play of colors and the contrast between the smooth and rough surfaces that cover them.

These are joined by the Canal Grande capsule colleciton, pictures and mirrors inspired by Venetian architecture, rich in polychrome inlays and decorative elements.

Urquiola has also selected a series of finishes, the result of an important process of experimentation with the company. For the first time, in fact, fragments of inert materials, such as glass and quartz, are included in the paste, alongside proposals for a marble blend and a cork blend. A new approach that gives the claddings a definite tactility, which is also perceived visually.

In detail, playing on the theme of dual processing, the furniture family with quartz inserts includes a half-smooth and half-sandblasted finish.

A second line offers a rough-paste finish with glass inserts in different colors. Patricia Urquiola’s design is completed by two honed finishes, with inserts in Alpi green marble, Rosso di Verona marble and cork, a mica finish, that is, a paste with metal specks in gold hues, and, finally, a final alternative that incorporates indigenous natural debris, recovered from the production area, into the CIMENTO. In this way, CIMENTO furnishings, presenting different surfaces from one another, become unique pieces expressing the full potential of the material.

“In recent years, we have built numerous collaborations with architects, designers and artists,” says William Lucchetta, CEO and founder of Cimento, “Every challenge thrown by our interlocutors represents a stimulus for us to experiment and innovate; it is a difficult path, made of continuous research, but for this reason also very stimulating that gives rise to virtuous relationships capable of renewing themselves with each project.

Cimento Collection

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