Cocktails with a View

Cocktails in Italy’s beloved capital paired with great food and a vista to die for – this is Adele.

Culture by day and elegance by night, Rome is the eternal city where art, history, food, and beauty mingle with the lively bustle of its urban pulse to create days and nights immersed in a real-world dolce vita. With museums, archeological sites, religious icons, modern design, curated gardens, picturesque alleys, and phenomenal shopping it truly is a Roman Holiday.

So, as the sun sets on a long day of exploration, it’s time to relax and take in the elegant vibe of this age-old metropolis. Now if Rome is fascinating on foot, imagine its dazzle by night from an exclusive sky bar retreat where you can sip on cocktails, nibble on treats, and take in a breathtaking view of the city’s sparkling nightlife. 


Meet the Location

With life returning to the city after a year of closures and restrictions, Romans have happily welcomed a new location to the list of top spots to sit back and relax –  Adèle, an elegant concept bar dedicated to cocktails and the art of la dolce vita, located on the rooftop of the luxurious Hotel Splendide Royal


On the Adèle terrace, guests will find a living room suspended between the earth and the sky to be enjoyed from happy hour until late at night. It’s an oasis in the city where visitors can escape from the noise of the city and find themselves immersed in a new environment.  The feeling is magical.

As soon as you cross the threshold of the elevators, the clamor of the city is gone and you’re greeted with the immensity of the blue sky, the charm of the setting sun, and the twinkle of evening stars. The atmosphere is both contemporary and refined blending together gorgeous materials such as white marble, iron, and brass. The variations between shapes, colors, and soft lighting creates a play of chiaroscuro with the shadows cast by the seats, tables, and large bar counter, in an atmosphere that seems to envelop all of the senses at once.

The new open-air living room rooftop design at Adèle is part of a larger project of a recent expansion and renovation of the entire hotel, by the architectural firm Giammetta & Giammetta, responsible for spectacular creations all over Italy as well as in the UAE, UK, and around Europe. The redevelopment involved several floors, in addition to the inauguration of a completely new wing with the opening of the Splendide Boutique, 16 extra luxury suites furnished by Italian artisans, and a restyling of the hotel lobby.

“Adèle was conceived to give the city a place that was missing – explains Luca Costanzi, director of Adèle – an exclusive place with an incredible view, and a trendy, cozy and vibrant atmosphere, perfect service, and refined cuisine, created by chef Stefano Marzetti, that is always authentic. We are here to tell the story of the most beautiful summer ever, savoring a suspended and fantastic time thanks to the music, refined mixology, and the starry night sky above us, which will shine brighter than ever”.

Tempting Cocktail Mixology

In fact, the tempting cocktail creations of Adèle’s spectacular mixology are reason alone to stop by. Its selective menu of boozy blends is led by bartender Barbara Migliaccio, who arrived from Paris to design the location’s fresh and evocative cocktail menu while playing the role of instructor for the bar’s cocktail training. Migliaccio’s original ingredients and contemporary techniques are an art in themselves and are the reason why people come from all over come to sip on sophisticated drinks such as her Tiramisù creation.

When asked about her mixology theory she commented that for her it’s about, “Celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of the place through cocktails built on the customer’s tastes, the mood of their day, and what they expect to drink. The drink is my dedication to them. There are more than 20 ingredients in the Tiramisu cocktail – you can close your eyes and it really feels like you’re enjoying dessert. What’s more, thanks to the clarification process, the alcohol content is lowered considerably.”

Her cocktail menu of about ten new and signature drinks for Adèle is a composition of exotic and fresh flavors that are a summation of Migliaccio’s encounters, scenarios, and experiences. What emerges are fruity and flowery flavors, with multicolored nuances tending to sweetness, revealing a particularly feminine touch in the details. These cocktails have character and style. They are as beautiful as they are delicious – decorated and garnished with herbs, edible flowers, spices, and dried peels, which when brought together invoke the colors and scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

Don’t Forget the Food

Of course when in Rome the exclusive menu doesn’t end with the drinks. Chef Stefano Marzetti has also created a list of scrumptious finger foods to accompany the cocktails at Adèle, reflecting on the same philosophy of seasonality and the best quality ingredients all sourced in Italy. Bite into crunchy arancini filled with traditional Roman flavors such as amatriciana or cacio e pepe, or try others with exotic combinations like saffron and yuzu. Order a side of sushi made with the fresh catch of the day and tropical fruits or Corba Rossa del Gargano. Enjoy a selection of tartlets filled with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Customers can also choose among several specially-created tasting menus to enjoy while sitting out on the sky bar. Choose between Luxury – a mosaic of fresh seafood, Queen – a plateau of oysters, or King – a selection of three Italian caviars each served inside precious black and gold thermal bags that clients can keep.

So, whether you’re tired from walking the city, looking to unwind after a day of sightseeing, or simply want to sit back and take Rome’s nightlife, Adèle makes for a magically enchanted end.

Cocktails with a View

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