EXTREMIS: Rome’s Unique and Playful Pizza Concept

EXTREMIS opens in Rome. This unconventional pizzeria combines talent, quality, and a playful edge bringing pizza to a new level. Conceived and founded by Mattia Lattanzio, Giovanni Giglio, and Edoardo Cicchinelli, this restaurant is one of a kind and fun – a must-stop for fabulous food in Italy’s Eternal City.

Research, exaltation, a sense of play, uniqueness, union: are the elements that characterize a new restaurant project as extreme and unconventional, whose identity is perfectly described by the name chosen by its creators. EXTREMIS is the new professional challenge of three friends, all well-known faces of the Capitoline gastronomic scene, who decided to bet on an “unconventional” catering.

“The perfect balance between ‘Contemporary Pizza’ and ‘Alternative Cuisine’ in the restaurant allows us to offer our customers an original space. The deliberately traditional philosophy, combined with a modern image, attractive and engaging, and efficient management due largely to the use of cutting-edge products and technologies, define a unique positioning in the current market of Italian and international commercial catering” says Mattia Lattanzio.


Three friends with different personalities who have found union and balance at the center of two endless lines, traced by professional experiences that have met creating an explosion of innovation and inspiration. This is the spark that gave birth to the design of EXTREMIS, a place whose goal is to make customers discover that it is possible to find a balance between flavors, as it is possible to find it in everyday life between people, rediscovering the importance of being together and to confront each other despite having diametrically opposed ideas.

An idea initially born from Mattia and Giovanni and then developed thanks to the meeting with Edoardo: “We want to unite our different personalities in a single thought that can flow into this new space. Extremis is the right name for this reality because it was born from the desire to intersect more topics and areas, from the kitchen of course to music through art, intersecting everything within what was born as a pizzeria but that becomes a real collector of ideas,” adds Edoardo.

Giovanni and Mattia, the creative and training part, Edoardo, researcher of delicacies and supplier of excellence, this is the “training” that will allow EXTREMIS to propose a daily offer not only gastronomic in a modern and forward-looking environment, with color games originated by unusual colors, but also made unique from the structural point of view thanks to the presence of works of art such as the iconic X placed on the ceiling.

A space located within an area in full transformation, that of Via di Pietralata, a cozy place with a large outdoor veranda with about 75 seats in addition to 70 seats placed in the inner room, and characterized by six corner windows that can be opened completely creating an open space of great charm.

Giovanni Giglio started to move among the stoves first by attending a course of the Italian Chef Academy, then by working in Tolentino at “La Gattabuia”, then by following chef Daniel Cavuoto (ex sous-chef of Gagnaire), he continued his experience at Spiazzo and at Seu Pizza Illuminati.

Mattia Lattanzio instead attended the Istituto Alberghiero di Rieti (Hotelier Institute of Rieti) and started a journey abroad, moving first to Germany and then to London to go first to Gagnaire and then to Heinz Beck. Particularly significant was his experience at Miami Art, an international art exhibition, as well as his return to Rome where he worked as Executive Chef at Palazzo Dama, the 5-star luxury hotel, at Palazzo del Quirinale with Fabrizio Boca and in Pipero’s kitchen for two years (during which he also won the “Emerging Chef Centro” award).

Lastly, the beginning of his professional association with Giglio da Spiazzo, the move from Seu Pizza Illuminati and the consultancy at Dazio and the subsequent meeting with Edoardo Cicchinelli, Roman by birth, who started working in the family business specialized in food distribution in the Ho.Re.Ca. world and who later opened his own food distribution company, Ethical Food Selection, an activity of research and selection of “ethically correct” products derived exclusively from farms and small producers throughout Italy.

On the Menu

EXTREMIS should definitely be on your list for an evening out in Rome, but what will be possible to taste at EXTREMIS? In the cozy space characterized by the open oven, you can choose from the rich menu some exclusive products such as the famous Lingotti, delicious treasure chests of flavor that will be served in the elegant “Lingotteria” on view, and the new and delicious Crumbly, a successful reinterpretation, crispy and crumbly, of the pizza pan.

Alongside these, there is an intriguing selection of classic fried foods, from supplì to pumpkin flowers, from salt cod to handmade Ascoli olives, the “Fritti al cucchiaio” (fried foods in a spoon) section, and, of course, the Neapolitan pizza proposed in a modern key: “We work only with dough made with the use of pre-ferment, both for pan pizza and Neapolitan pizza. A preparation that provides 24 hours of maturation for the pre-ferment and as many hours of leavening in order to offer a highly digestible product” says Giovanni Giglio.

As far as pizzas are concerned, space is naturally given to classics such as the such as Margherita, Napoli and Cosacca, which can be chosen in a fun way in a dedicated section in which the ingredient once again makes the difference, but we must mention the section dedicated to vegan and vegetarian proposals, and the “RE/MAKE IT” all made with selected products: “From Mulino Fagioli flour (with OIRZ certification, zero chemical residues) to dairy products from a Gragnano dairy, from organic tomatoes to sheep’s ham, every ingredient is chosen according to an ethical principle,” Edoardo emphasizes.

Also interesting is the sweet proposal, a line of homemade desserts with different proposals, especially for special occasions and holidays. Desserts are in perfect harmony with the EXTREMIS menu, as is the case for the quality beverage proposal structured with the collaboration of Natural Born Drinkers and which focuses on a versatile selection of craft beers, and Davide Merlini of “Noi di Sala” for the wine list, bitters, and spirits.

And Add Some Art

At EXTREMIS there will also be space for art: in collaboration with the art gallery and cultural association of Rome “Agarte – Fucina delle Arti”, a selection of works of art belonging to the contemporary collection of the gallery will be exhibited, supervised by the curatorship of Alessandro Giansanti, young gallery owner, curator and art director at the above-mentioned gallery.

The selection starts from research that focuses on the concept of “extreme”, innovative, unconventional, and unique, reconnecting the spheres of traditional and craftsmanship to that of the contemporary world composed of innovative color games and shapes that come out of the comfort zone of the traditional figurative.

Starting from the playful handmade of Giuseppe Palermo and Sasà Sorrentino (“One who ceramizes ideas” is how he described himself in the video interview produced by Agarte and present on YouTube entitled: “Sasà Sorrentino: Meetings and Clashes”), up to the modern classicism of the wooden and acrylic sculptures produced by Daniele Fortunato and acrylic produced by Daniele Fortuna, the collection of six works embodies the contemporary and alternative spirit of that “collector of ideas” that wants to be “Extremis”, reflected in particular in the “PIZZE EXTREMIS”.

EXTREMIS: Rome’s Unique and Playful Pizza Concept

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