Collalto’s Prized Spumante Rosé

High in the north of Italy lies Treviso, an area distinguished for its charming beauty and for several of Italy’s most treasured wines. Nestled amongst the local hills of Susegana is the winery Collalto, long known for producing elegant wines that are a hallmark of this distinctive terroir. The winery’s Manzoni Moscato Spumante Rosé Extra Dry recently took home the gold medal at the Concours de Bruxelles – an international wine competition which assesses close to 7000 wines from around the world every year.

Manzoni Moscato, with its bright peony-colored hue, is a cross between two grapes, Raboso Piave and Moscato d’Amburgo, grown at an altitude of 90 meters above sea level which are harvested, de-stemmed and pressed. The must is cold-macerated along with the skins for 48 hours.


spumante rosé collalto

After two days, it is fined and drawn off from the residual yeast and particles that have settled. It is then placed in stainless-steel vats and stored at a controlled temperature of about 18°C. The spumante is then left to mature for a period of three months and then aged in bottles for six months.

The result is a wine with a dense, weightless foam and tiny, fast-moving beads, synonymous with a delicate refreshing spumante. On the palate, the foam accentuates the wine’s fruity notes, thanks to the tiny fruit which grow on the low-lying plants at the feet of the vines that give this wine varietal a distinct aroma.

This Spumante Rosé Extra Dry has a soft finish with an ever-so-slight touch of sweetness which makes it extremely refreshing and versatile in its pairing with a vast array of foods. It makes the perfect companion to cured meats which have little fat, seafood appetizers, salmon, foods prepared with a cream base, soups and meat dishes with light sauces that benefit from a wine that is just acidic enough to cleanse the palate.

spumante rosé

Alternatively, its ability to bring out the intricate balance of delicate flavors and textures in foods makes it a perfect accompaniment for Asian inspired dishes and the light-handed creations of most modern cuisine. It is also ideal served as an aperitif or cocktail.

Collalto’s Prized Spumante Rosé

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