Color and lightness: The Flow by Frigerio

A story about contemporary living inspired by color and lightness, characterized by a timeless style and versatility of proposals – this is the collection The Flow by Frigerio.

The intuition of collaborating with different designers with personal creative visions, who have worked on different materials, has in fact led to the creation of a large collection in which each piece of furniture enters into synergy with the others dialoguing in harmony.

Time as a flowing of moments, a continuous alternation of opposites that contrast without contradicting each other, is the leitmotif used to describe the Frigerio collection, which is presented as a meeting, at first glance unexpected, of different ideas that tell a single philosophy on contemporary living under the banner of color and lightness.

Furniture made to fit casually into the living area, designed by Front, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Riccardo Frigerio, Federica Biasi and Ferruccio Laviani.

The collection is part of a constantly evolving path, a family history that is written from year to year through new proposals with an international flavor, revealing the dynamism and creative vigor that distinguish Frigerio.

View design by Ferruccio Laviani

Ferruccio Laviani collaborates for the first time with Frigerio proposing View, a floor-standing modular sofa, a perfect synthesis of the designer’s creative flair and the company’s decades of know-how in the upholstered furniture sector.

View represents the encounter between aesthetics and functionality, an ambitious project that draws in complexity its distinctive strength. Emblematic of Frigerio’s sartorial ability, View is composed of different modules that can be combined with ease: the sofa base, in wood and glossy lacquered suspended, or on the ground upholstered, dialogues with the important number of elements some with a classic spirit others with a more original design that in turn combine with backrests of different shapes and sizes and armrests that are also highly customizable: upholstered volumes, integrated bookcase elements, side and front sofa tables.

In addition to traditional compositions in fact, this sofa offers many unexpected combinations. Thanks to the trapezoidal-shaped elements and numerous complements, real “Tangrams” can be created.

The important and diversified number of elements – central, terminal, corner fittings, dormeuse as well as special modules with trapezoid shapes – structure an extremely flexible system from the compositional point of view: from the simple modular sofa, with or without armrests, to more complex compositions with more articulated geometries, angular, capable of interrupting the typical linearity of upholstered furniture with strongly contemporary cuts. The base, in wood, ash platform or glossy lacquered finishes in the colors of the Frigerio range, is also available with elegant marble inserts or with the addition of a soft upholstered volume or bookcase.

The suspended wooden platform, in the hexagonal shape, is designed as a free element on which inviting cushions rest, with or without a backrest, ideal for furnishing large living spaces, bar and hotel lounge areas or waiting areas.

Like a cunning puzzle, View reveals its character from detail to detail, a true geometric game capable of taking on different identities, from the most conventional to the most extroverted, without distorting itself, making continuous change the essence of its furnishing.

Elly design by Gabriele and Oscar Bugatti

Elegant finishes and sophistication of primary elements: Gabriele and Oscar Buratti collaborate for the first time with Frigerio presenting two proposals for the living area whose personality is told in the details, finely crafted by the company’s artisans.

The Elly table is characterized by a structure formed by wooden columns fused together in a play of joints that animates an apparently simple project. The wide range of finishes available for both the rectangular and the round versions allows the Elly table to take on different aesthetics without sacrificing its essential nature.

The table tops are available in fully glossy lacquered versions, as is the base, in the new colors of the Frigerio collection, or with an ash wood base and marble and wood top. The finishes chosen for this table are definitely one of its distinguishing features that make it an iconic presence, strong colors in bold and sophisticated tones.

Ideal for the home environment as well as for contract spaces, Hug dialogues harmoniously with the Elly table with which it shares the minimal but incisive aesthetic: ironic and recognizable, the armchair embraces and envelops thanks to the characteristic structure composed of a backrest and armrest that frame the seat, creating continuity between each element. Hug is a dining armchair, in fabric or leather, that reinterprets a classic seat, the “cockpit” armchair, in a contemporary key. The armrests that descend from the seat and the distinctive downward curve of the backrest are an out-of-the-ordinary element that is identified by its welcoming shapes and strong character.

Huli, Mocki and Cecile design by Federica Biasi

Federica Biasi consolidates its collaboration with Frigerio with new proposals and range expansions. Following the success of the lounge chair, the Huli family of complements is joined by the stool and the bench, which, with their curved structures, are proposed as an extension of the collection, echoing its characteristic weave.

Textural play and coincidence of forms: the Mocki collection of coffee tables features an ash wood frame composed of elliptically shaped legs, on which the top, available either oval or round, in ceramic, marble or wood coordinated with the frame, rests. A balance of finishes and round shape, the Mocki coffee table expresses the idea of a living room that can reveal its personality in refined details.

The Cecile armchair is the new proposal by Biasi characterized by a solid wood frame and a seat that has a weave of paper cord, or with upholstered seat covered in fabric or leather, which gives a touch of casual elegance to the room. The slender round-section frame deputed to support the seat and back reveals the skillful craftsmanship of woodworking. Thanks to the cleanliness of its lines and the two variants in the catalog, Cecile stands out as a versatile proposal, capable of adapting to any context.

Helix and Mayu design by Front

The contemporary taste of Swedish duo Front meets Frigerio’s production skills for the first time, resulting in two proposals built on a delicate balance of volumes thanks to tailoring processes: the Helix pouf and Mayu bergère. The sophistication that distinguishes the design of Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren is here declined on the level of materials and the careful tailoring of the individual elements, with attention to every detail.

The Helix pouf, with a base in Canaletto walnut or ash in Frigerio colors and a square shape, is the result of the technical mastery of Frigerio craftsmen who cut and manipulated the leather to give it the shape and appearance of a sheet of paper, which folds and fits together like origami. The leather-covered frame with decorative visible stitching is paired with the matching fabric.

The Mayu bergère, on the other hand, represents the culmination of a long creative and production process that led to the creation of a particular mold that respected the designers’ creative idea while preserving the comfort and ergonomics of the seat. Mayu has a high monocoque structure for seat and back covered with polyurethane foam, impressive for the living area or for the bedroom, available in fabric or leather or in the variant with the outer part of the backrest in leather and the interior in fabric.

Andorea design by Riccardo Frigerio

A simple piece of furniture that finds its defining feature in the details. Riccardo Frigerio signs Andorea, the coffee table designed for the living area with geometric shapes and dynamic design. In fact, Andorea is presented as a monolithic wooden element characterized by the irregular surface that stands at a precise point, creating a slight curvature that reveals the dynamic nature of the product. Square or rectangular one-piece coffee tables in canaletto walnut or ash, the particular dynamic riser is designed for use as a bookrest. A proposal with a contemporary character, the Andorea coffee table tells of the skill of Frigerio’s master cabinetmakers, a simple piece of furniture that finds its defining feature in the details.

Color and lightness: The Flow by Frigerio

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