Corner 58 by Roberto Conti in Milan

Step into a gourmet pizzeria restaurant that has taste and sophistication wrapped around its finger. Corner 58 is award-winning chef Roberto Conti’s urban-chic setting in the pulsating city of Milan.

A dynamic location with a cool New York City vibe Corner 58 has a style that is at once cozy and cosmopolitan with soft lighting, refined design with exposed brick and wooden tables, conceived of by chef Roberto Conti as an innovative pizza experience.

After an array of high-profile stints alongside internationally renowned chefs such as Carlo Cracco, Pietro Leemann, Andrea Berton, and Luigi Taglienti, and earning a Michelin star at the helm of Milan‘s Trussardi Alla Scala restaurant, Conti decided to launch a new project.

The idea for Corner 58 came to the chef while he was out in Viale Argonne – he had a desire to create something new – a captivating sensory experience of pizzas and dishes made with the most refined high quality ingredients available.

Once the idea was matured, Roberto shared it with a friend of his, a well-known entrepreneur from Vigevano, Francesco Cottino, who welcomed the project, internalized it and began to think about its realization, deciding to invest and be an active part of it.

For Conti, this marks a return to the Lombard capital. He is currently at the helm of the gourmet restaurant RC Resort in Mortara in the province of Pavia – a location that has become a new address for those who love the quality, taste, and innovation of Italian cuisine.

Unlike other pizzerias, at Milan’s Corner 58 the amuse bouche is provided for all, Roberto Conti’s legendary ‘liquid pizza’ is the classic welcome typical of Michelin-starred restaurants, and for Conti he wanted it to become a sort of calling card of a pizzeria that wants to stand out as one of a kind.

On the Menu at Corner 58

The menu at Corner 58 includes the universally recognized classic pizzas such as the Margherita, Marinara and Capricciosa, along with special Innovation of Tradition pizzas like the Milanese, Tonnata, Parmigiana, Carbonara and Ligure pizzas. The menu include other innovative gourmet pizzas made in tribute to magical locations like the Persistent Elegance dedicated to the restaurant’s host city, and two other gourmet pizzas dedicated to the seaside locations of Portofino and Montecarlo.

Corner 58’s menu also offers other creative gourmet dishes with proposals such as vitello tonnato, beef battuta, shrimp tartare, langoustine, salmon, tuna, amberjack in ceviche, tuna, the delicious salads and, for the most demanding, oysters and caviar.

All of the excellent ingredients and raw materials are personally chosen by the chef, who will be joined by his pizza-chef Michele Botta, who is always present with his keen eye and mastery in enhancing pizza.

And for all of those lovers of wine and champagne, the location boasts a complete and interesting wine list that includes the finest labels.

Corner 58 by Roberto Conti in Milan

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