A new story begins with DAFT about DRAFT… sometimes challenging traditions, and sometimes with a sense of playfulness, but always with an eye from the world of fashion. Where do the new generations of Japanese people live or dream of living? What is the style of the homes of young digital entrepreneurs, creatives, architects, fashion stylists and designers, filmmakers, influencers, or people working in the world of advertising?  

Taiju Yamashita

Taiju Yamashita is a designer and architect, born in 1981 in Tokyo, who founded the design studio DRAFT in 2008 where he, together with a team of more than one hundred and eighty people, devotes himself to a wide range of projects ranging from interior design to architecture, and from industrial design to branding. Yamashita is an expert in understanding how individuals move through spaces.

His design concept, which has always been based on the philosophy “HAPPINESS THROUGH DESIGN”, aims to contribute to the improvement of society and the human experience. In all his work, the significance of the role a space can play is present. In search of the perfect place to spend time in comfort, he created DAFT about DRAFT, a new brand of original and refined furniture he designed.


With DAFT about DRAFT – the translation of which is ‘crazy about design’ – the designer offers the opportunity to feel at ease surrounded by sophisticated furnishings that dictate the latest trends. The style of the collection, the result of a hybridization of styles, opens a channel between East and West and responds to the needs of the new generations to experience environments with a cosmopolitan approach, feeling ‘at home’ – whether in their own residence or in a hotel – anywhere in the world.

From Tokyo to Miami, and from Dubai to New York, young people today prefer a decorative fusion style, in line with the latest trends in fashion, art, music, and cuisine, which goes beyond the minimalism of Japanese tradition. But attracted by the fascination of the Rising Sun, it also has a strong appeal to peers from every other part of the world. Because the creativity that comes to life in Taiju Yamashita’s designs is comparable to the freedom of expression and cheerfulness that is characteristic of the fashion world.

The ideas created by designer Taiju Yamashita always come from the stories that flow through people’s lives. DAFT about DRAFT furniture is conceived thinking about these stories. Creativity emanates from a single product. The warmth, fun, and sense of freedom that can be felt from a single product. A beautiful story begins to unfold when just one of these products is present in a place. This is what Yamashita believes the role of furniture should be. “I want our products to fuse closely with the people, to be like fashion in that they are free, gentle, and elaborate so that they may stay by people’s side throughout the long journey of life,” remarks the designer.  

DAFT about DRAFT aims to enrich urban living. The brand challenges the restricted space of the city and its monotonous lifestyle. Just like a delicate flower that blooms rebelliously out of concrete pavement on the street, DAFT about DRAFT proposes a design that helps to express the uniqueness of individuals.

FABLINE-01: A Dining Room Chair That Brilliantly Adorns

The combination of the soft, embracing shape of the seat and the light, elegant legs gives the chair a luxurious feel while retaining its sense of familiarity. A subtle amount of metal material on the seat makes for a gentle line and accentuates the delicate design concept. The fabric is available in three types of earth colors to achieve a colorful symphony when lined up in a row. The overall look of this piece by DAFT about DRAFT changes dramatically depending on the number and color of FABLINE-01 you choose to adorn your interior with, making these dining chairs fun items to collect.

ZA-01: Drawing from Traditional Japanese Ideology

ZA from DAFT about DRAFT emanates a global vibe at the same time as offering an unmistakable Japanese undertone. It omits excessive decoration and instead focuses on elaborate and meticulous detail in places such as seat buttons and leather cushion belts. The frame firmly supporting the seat is of an intricate design featuring smooth curvaceous beauty. In contrast to the rigid, cold image of metal, ZA-01 achieves a light and laid-back form. Assuming a completely different persona depending on the fabric that adorns it, this sofa will exude a distinctive sense of presence in spaces such as art galleries and hotels.

CLO-01: Experience Authenticity to Know True Comfort

Objects become priceless to us and full of memories after many years of use. CLO-01 uses materials that change over time in the parts that people come in contact with, changing its appearance as it’s used over the years to become a unique piece of furniture. The bold backrest features entwined leather while the arms are elaborately carved to pursue the ultimate of comfort upon use. With fine details incorporated into every aspect of the chair, it is a stunning piece of furniture from any angle.

CORON-01: Curvaceous Beauty that Fuses with a Person’s Presence

This product has been elaborately designed to form the most elegant shape recalling the female silhouette. The lustrous metal of the legs and the unique form of the back support make for a classical impression overall. Velour with natural shading was used for the fabric, and great attention was paid to each and every stitch.

PHONE-01: Combining Tradition with Playfulness

A backrest that seems to embrace your body and a solid seat give this characteristic lounge chair both a traditional and unique design. The armrests are inspired by a phone earpiece and the asperity of the cushion produces detail with an even more enhanced feel. Two-tone metal and lustrous fabric leave a refined impression of classical living. This chair has a luxurious feel yet incorporates elements of familiarity in its elaborate details.

PHONE-02: Bringing Together Comfort and Elegance

A counter stool version of PHONE-01. The use of fabric for the back and seat allows you to sit comfortably for hours, which is a rare design for a high chair. The sharply extending leas have hoop footrests, that are made of two different types of metal, which add a sense of playfulness. It can be paired with a high counter of a bar or placed in a café in the city. This fine piece of furniture can be both luxurious and casual.

WARM-01: The Little Luxuries Hidden in Daily Living

WARM-01 is the chair to be enjoye in front of the fireplace. This chair expresses the ideology of DAFT about DRAFT. Its presence in the household is meant to unravel many stories; like sitting perched with your young child, or engaging in timeless hobbies such as knitting. It was designed while envisioning blissful situations, such as this, in our day-to-day life. The high back with its demanding presence and slightly square legs facing outwards in all four directions emphasize this product’s bold form.

STRIPE-01: Where Softness Meets an Expression of Calm

The curvature of STRIPE-01 gives a feeling of softness, while the striped wooden form provides a rich expression of light. The gentle beige color of the natural limestone used for the top panel gives a feeling of calm that cannot be expressed by marble. Enjoy a beautiful gradation of light when this oriental cabinet is bathed in the sunlight pouring from the curtains.

RATTAN-01: Relaxing in Natural and Modern Style

Fine rattan carefully weaved together one strand at a time and a frame of interlocked black wood makes for a stunning design evoking images of an elegant resort. The frame is made of carefully woven thin rattan and black wood, creating an elegant resort-like design. The generously thick seat and carefree backrest offer a sense of comfort and harmony. The flexibility of the material gives it a free form while ensuring your comfort for a long time.



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