Dazio: the new way of ‘living’ pizza in Rome

Revolutionizing the pizzeria experience with a gastronomic proposal that combines taste and technique – this is the ‘mission’ of this recently opened Roman restaurant.

Dazio, the culinary project of Federico Del Moro and Federico Coniglio combines catering and reception in a context of great historical value, as it pursues its course of enhancing contemporary pizza with a new and refined gourmet proposal that focuses on the combination of taste and technique to offer an increasingly complete and intriguing experience to its clientele.

The spaces of the old customs house of Rome – once the threshold of entry into the city, beyond which one needed to pay a ‘duty’ – were renovated with great care to create an environment made informal by the elements of furniture, the welcome of the dining staff and the quality of a product of popular culinary tradition. In the short space of a year, the staff at Dazio have been able to transform themselves into a reference address for pizza lovers, receiving important awards from the industry guides.

The architects of Dazio’s new course are pizzaiolo Giancarlo Bernabei and chef Matteo Lo Iacono, young protagonists of the Roman food scene, who have created a menu in which Giancarlo’s accurate knowledge of doughs and Matteo’s meticulous technical and creative work find their place, a striking mix that allows them to revolutionize the pizzeria experience.

“I’ve always worked in the world of pizza, and now at Dazio’s I like to offer a contemporary product created by a blend of flours and high hydration that results in greater digestibility and a crispness that sets it apart,” says Bernabei, who after spending two years in the United States returned to Italy to also learn the secrets of Neapolitan pizza and bring to life a dough that best represents his idea of pizza.

Giancarlo’s doughs are embellished by toppings created by Matteo, who after acquiring important experience in luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and internationally in Spain, enthusiastically accepted Dazio’s professional challenge.

I have brought to the kitchen all the knowledge accumulated over the last few years, to enrich our gastronomic proposal: at Dazio, pizza is an integral part of a path full of stimuli for the palate,” Lo Iacono emphasizes.

On the Menu at Dazio

A new approach that combines pizza and fine dining, creating a proposal within the reach of every type of customer. It starts with the section dedicated to Fritti, which offers the chance to taste some great classics such as the Supplì and the Crocchetta di patate but also the Frittatina Burger and the Crocchetta Truffle, and then moves on to the Fringer Fry such as El Barrio, the Baccalà and the already renowned Conetti® in the Carbonara, Amatriciana and Gricia versions.

The “MariDazio,” a maritozzo in a savory version, is the additional novelty present in the Stracciatella and Alici and Chicken cbt and Peppers versions, while the pizzas are divided into the “Vintage” categories (with, among others, Margherita, Marinara, Napoli, Diavola), “Dal Mercato” (the seasonal offerings) and the very intriguing “Crazy,” with an obligatory mention for the Cesar Salad with free-range chicken, the CrazyDuck with creamed corn, Cantabrian anchovies and duck speck, and, above all, the Tribute to the Maestro, a tribute to Gualtiero Marchesi, with saffron béchamel, flambéed marrow, 24 kt gold leaf, potato airbag, and a fondue of 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano.

On Dazio’s menu there is of course also a section dedicated to desserts, a mouthwatering selection curated ad hoc by Antonio Scarfone, owner of deCORE creative gelativo. “I like to make unconventional desserts as far as the combinations of flavors are concerned. At Dazio’s, customers can enjoy desserts prepared with excellent fresh ingredients, which on the palate will allow them to discover the right combination of intensity of flavors and balance of taste created by the harmony between contrasts,” Scarfone stresses.

Among the most interesting offerings are Purple Fiction (Toritto almond semifreddo, Sicilian red mulberry sauce, pralined almonds, almond dacquoise), Unicorn (white chocolate semifreddo with cardamom scent, exotic mango and passion fruit sauce and single-origin cocoa grué from Venezuela) and Sweet Bismarck (Bronte pistachio semifreddo, strawberry and Nemi berry sauce, pralined pistachios, cocoa dacquoise).

Dazio’s beverage suggestions are also extremely curated, with a focus on “drinking well” thanks to Lorenzo Politano, bartender at the Aleph Rome Hotel, who has put his own personal twist on Dazio’s drinks, signature drinks and bottles, resulting in a Beverage Charter full of classic and modern cocktails, such as Spritz, Negroni, Moscow Mule, Gin Tonic and Margarita, but also craft beers, wines and bubbles.


Dazio: the new way of ‘living’ pizza in Rome

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