Design speaks of love: 8 accessories to give on Valentine’s Day

February 14th is just around the corner: for those looking for the perfect gift for design lovers, here are a series of accessories with a romantic soul ideal for conveying the idea of love on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Combo Amore ilaria.i

ilaria.i presents 3 gift proposals for Valentine’s Day, real love combos chosen by Ilaria Innocenti: Amore a Colazione, with the “Sempre Insieme” cup pair; Amore a Merenda, with the romantic saucers “Ciao Amore” or “Amour”; and Amore a Cena, with the bouquet plates “Non ti scordar di me” and “M’ama non M’ama” for a candlelight evening.


Valentine’s Day gifts: Alessi Caffettiera with heart and stars

Designed by Riccardo Dalisi, the Coffee Pot with Heart and Stars by Alessi is an enchanting work between art and design that celebrates one of the most brilliant examples of poetic attitude in design. It is a reproduction of one of the more than two hundred prototypes made by Dalisi during the design process that, in the 1970s, led to the production of his Neapolitan coffee maker: one different from the other and gradually becoming more and more expressive, to the point of losing their functional aspect while ascending to the level of a piece of art.


Valentine’s Day Gifts: Cicla Italamp

A refined table lamp with a blown glass diffuser and cylindrical base made of Vicenza stone, a rock with warm colors and fossil sediments that make its surface textural, grainy and faceted: Cicla by Italamp.

The shaft, worked with grooves reminiscent of Greek and Roman columns, conceals the integrated LED source inside: from here, light filters through the diffuser, a ring-shaped element of transparent blown glass worked with the traditional Murano Ballotton technique. The cross-relief pattern, like a jet of water, radiates from the center of the element to its ends, expanding as the volume of the diffuser becomes larger.

The table lamp is the latest addition to the Cicla series, which includes table lamps, ceiling lamps and suspension lamps: each lamp is characterized by the presence of the distinctive toroidal diffuser, offered in two sizes in transparent colorless, white or smoked glass, and metal details with gunmetal or chrome finish.


Valentine’s Day Gifts: Balanced Zieher

Balanced by Zieher is a glass for white and red Burgundy, great Piedmont wines, complex but delicate white and red wines, extremely opulent rosé wines, and vintage champagnes.

A perfect glass for toasting together with a loved one, declined in crystal and able to transform wine into a complete aromatic experience, without overdoing it.


Valentine’s Day Gifts: Fabbian Armilla

Armilla, designed by Lorenzo Truant for Fabbian, takes inspiration from early Renaissance depictions of the motion of the stars and planets. At that time, man used to build jeweled machines bounded by rings, called armillaries, with at the center, initially the earth, then as time passed and Copernican theories arrived, the sun, unlimited source of light and the new center of the universe.  

Armilla’s rings recall this custom, supporting the sphere and enhancing the large mass of opal glass that diffuses the light from the light source placed at the center of the composition, just like the armillary spheres imagined by Copernican cosmographers of the heliocentric faith. In detail, the three precious metal rings, properly attached to each other, contain the diffuser, which, thanks to a small ring attached to the equator, hooks up to the support cable also made of metal.

The Armilla collection is available with a diameter of 36cm and in suspension and table lamp versions. The diffuser is glossy white glass, blown on a lap mold, with the metal rings inserted and gently imprisoned by the molten glass at the end of the process. The rings are in the burnished, gold and chrome finish. Electrification is mains voltage for halogen, fluorescent and LED lamps.


Valentine’s Day Gifts: Sisters Bosa

Bosa’s Sisters Collection consists of five white ceramic vase-sculptures, declined in different finishes, painted and finished by hand. The design of this elegant collection comes from the hand of artist Pepa Reverter, whose intention is to pay homage to women of all cultures and times.

The names of the 5 pieces are Louise, Frida, Sofia, Helen and Clara, imaginative, happy and caring sisters who like the beauty of fairs and open spaces, harmony and creativity.


Valentine’s Day Gifts: Revolve Ichendorf

The now well-known family of Revolve vases designed by Brian Sironi for Ichendorf Milano, made of lampworked and handcrafted borosilicate glass, expands with three new products. The feature of this novelty is that the object is broken down into three parts of different colors, instead of the usual division into two. Objects that can live individually or juxtaposed with each other thus creating an ‘architectural composition,’ elegance and joy in a line of many-sided vases.

Ichendorf Milano

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Mossi Limited Edition Lalique

An object with an evocative optical effect: the Mossi vase by Lalique, created in 1933 from the bold imagination of René Lalique, which amazes and hypnotizes the beholder with its kaleidoscopic aesthetic. This graphic illusion full of relief conceals a magical alignment of crystal cabochons. Timeless, the dynamic Mossi vase is part of the “Millésime 2023” offering, a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Thanks to exclusive know-how, House Lalique artisans are able to craft crystal cabochons that stand out luminously on a satin-finished surface.


Design speaks of love: 8 accessories to give on Valentine’s Day

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