Detox Cooking with Pintinox’s Pro

Get ready to enjoy a healthy detox. The human body craves wholesome, clean foods that give it a chance to repair, replenish, and flush itself of the excesses that holidays, vacations, and extravagant weekends produce. And what better way to approach detox cooking than with cookware that allows for light, healthy preparations that help to retain all of the nutrients and flavors of foods without the need for adding unhealthy cooking fats and without stripping away important vitamins and minerals.

To prepare light dishes and preserve all the organoleptic properties and aromas of foods, Pintinox presents a complete series of Pro pots and pans in various sizes, including a wok, as well as a steak pan, griddle, pressure cooker and crepe pan.

Detox Cooking with the Series from Pro Pintinox

Made of die-cast aluminum with the best nonstick coating (QuanTanium® 3-layer), all Pro series pieces are handy and practical, thanks to soft-touch bakelite handles, anti-shock tempered glass flat lid with silicone ring, vent valve and soft-touch bakelite knob. They are also suitable for induction.

Several methods are available for detox cooking, steaming or using the griddle. Pintinox’s Pro series is complete with casseroles and pans for every type of cooking, and the die-cast aluminum from which they are made is certainly one of the best materials for light cooking.

For low-fat cooking, Pro saucepans and pans are ideal because of their undisputed quality and durability: thanks to high quality nonstick, Pro saucepans and pans allow you to cook with minimal use of fat or even without it, keeping the flavor of food intact and preventing it from burning or sticking.

Unquestionably useful for low-fat cooking is the Pro Tradition tall casserole with a black painted aluminum lid. It is inspired in shape by traditional cast-iron tall casseroles and is versatile, sturdy and multipurpose.

Cooking has never been easier with the wok pan. Widely used in oriental cuisine, the wok has also become indispensable in our kitchen because it allows all kinds of food, vegetables, rice, meat and fish to be prepared lightly and in a short time. Especially used for stewing foods and thickening sauces.

For steaming, the Pro pressure cooker from Pintinox, has always been the first ally of light cooking that prevents the loss of vitamins and preserves the integrity of nutrients. It also greatly reduces cooking time and is perfect for vegetables, meat, fish and legumes.

Special Accessories to Boost Healthy Options

Easy to use, smart for saving time and energy, the Pro pressure cooker is made of stainless steel with a three-layer thermo diffuser bottom and two levels of pressure. It has the double advantage that it can also be used as a classic cooker.

For grilled cooking, Pintinox’s Pro series includes both griddle and steak pan, for grilling vegetables and meat without seasoning and preserving flavors.

Finally, to indulge in a light dessert, here is the Crepiere Pro, ideal for satisfying the desire for dessert in the morning or during breaks during the day, as long as it is strictly light.

Healthy cooking requires fewer fatty foods and the right cooking methods. But cooking utensils are also key, not only to cook healthy and light but also to minimize the loss of food’s nutritional properties. The Pro series of pots and pans is the right equipment for healthy, quick and energy-efficient cooking.


Detox Cooking with Pintinox’s Pro

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