Salone Eva’s Detox Recipe: Red Beet Tartare with Walnut Oil, Buffalo Blue Cheese, and Seeds

Taste, color, and all the benefits of fruits and vegetables – these are the ingredients for a detox recipe by Marcello Romano, executive chef at Salone Eva, the elegant gourmet lounge of the iconic Hotel Hassler.

Mindful of the balance, lightness, and authenticity of his menus, Romano presents an appetizer that combines the vitamins of red beets, a detoxifying and digestive food, with the healing effects of walnuts, useful for reinforcing the immune system, and seeds rich in fiber.

The flavor and proteins from milk, making the dish round and succulent, come from buffalo blue cheese, a herb-infused raw cheese with an intense and persistent taste.

Ingredients for 4 people:

Red beets: as needed
Pickles: 100 g
Walnut oil: 10 g
Mustard: 20 g
Pepper: 1 g
Salt: as needed
Orange: 100 g
Lemons: 100 g
Walnuts: 50 g
Chives: 20 g
Carrots: 400 g
Ginger: 20 g
Black sesame: 20 g
Pumpkin seeds: 20 g
Sunflower seeds: 20 g
Chia seeds: 10 g
Oat flakes: 20 g
All-purpose flour: 100 g
Semolina: 100 g
Water: 100 g
Extra virgin olive oil: 10 g
Buffalo blue cheese: 350 g
Milk: 50 g
Capers with stems: 8 pcs.


For the beets

Wash and peel the beets, cut them into small cubes, season, and steam until they reach a crispy consistency. Let them cool and place them in a bowl.

For the carrot and ginger cream

Peel the carrots and ginger, slice them thinly, steam until overcooked, blend until reaching a dense and smooth consistency, adding very little salt.

For the buffalo blue cheese sauce

Cut half of the cheese into cubes and place it in a saucepan with milk, heat it over a double boiler until creating a smooth and uniform sauce. Cut the remaining cheese into triangles.

For the seed waffle

In a bowl, combine all the seeds, flour, semolina, water, and knead. Let the dough rest for thirty minutes, then roll it thinly on a non-stick baking mat. Use a circular cookie cutter to create discs, then bake at 150 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

To plate

On a flat plate, arrange the buffalo blue cheese sauce and the carrot and ginger cream abstractly. In the center, place the seed waffle, and on top, layer the beets seasoned with chopped pickles, chives, mustard, pepper, walnut oil, grated orange peel, and lemon juice. Add capers and walnut flakes. Finally, add a cheese triangle and serve.

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Salone Eva’s Detox Recipe: Red Beet Tartare with Walnut Oil, Buffalo Blue Cheese, and Seeds

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