Discovering the Wines and Beers from Marche at Marche diWine

A three-day event focused on promoting wine and beer from the Marche region, staged June 10-12 on the Cristoforo Colombo seafront in Gabicce (PU): Marche diWine.

The kermesse, which involves a total of ninety wineries from the area, is organized as follows: Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, June 11, from 5 p.m. to midnight, will be two days open to the public, for simple enthusiasts or expert wine lovers, dedicated to tastings of wines and beers from the Marche region.

Monday, June 12, at Marche diWine will instead be a day dedicated to business and reserved for trade operators, during which Marche producers will have the opportunity to present their wines face-to-face with national and international buyers in a sort of speed date, on a rotating basis.

Exploring the Wines and Beers from Marche 

On the occasion of Marche diWine, therefore, a sort of “Wine & Beer Village” will be set up on the Gabicce waterfront, with the presence of stands of 80 wineries – forty on Saturday and forty on Sunday – and 10 craft breweries. The 80 wineries belong to the two main consortia in the Marche region: the IMT – Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini – and the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini Piceni.

IMT is the maxi consortium chaired by Michele Bernetti and directed by Alberto Mazzoni that includes 519 member wineries and 16 designations of origin including four Docg and that, for more than 20 years, has been betting on product quality as a distinctive element of the Marche brand, supporting all producers and guaranteeing their authenticity. Founded in 1999, today IMT promotes 16 out of 20 Marche appellations and represents 45 percent of the regional vineyard area – more than 7,500 hectares between the provinces of Ancona, Macerata, Pesaro-Urbino, and Fermo.

“Marche diWine is a very important event for us,” stresses Alberto Mazzoni, director of IMTV, “because it takes place in ‘border land’ and because of its goal, which is precisely to show the Marche region as united, cohesive, plural. A truly unique opportunity to showcase our magnificent 20 denominations in the presence of wine producers and international buyers.

We are also happy because the event focuses on the world of wine and beer, two products of the earth. This allows us to shine a spotlight on the world of agriculture in the Marche region in which enormous strides have been made in recent years. So let’s talk about the working-class Marche, the Marche of the industry that is no longer there today, focusing on designations of origin as an added value to be able to evolve and reach markets even very very far away.”

The Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini Piceni is chaired by Giorgio Savini and directed by Armando Falcioni. Established in 2002 with the aim of protecting, promoting, and enhancing the area’s DOC and DOCG wines, checking that they are produced in compliance with the specifications, as well as informing the consumer, it has 54 ordinary members and about 600 winemakers involved. These are entrepreneurs directly involved in one or more stages of production of the DOCs and DOCGs protected by the Consortium, which are: Rosso Piceno, Offida, Falerio, and Terre di Offida.

“Wine is an important driver both in terms of media and tourism,” explains Giorgio Savini, winemaker and president of the consortium, “it acts as a battering ram head to open many markets, both domestic (regional and national) and international, and it has been the first ambassador of many territories, each of which has its own denomination that identifies this bi-directionality between territory and wine.

In our case, Piceno red has an important weight in our production, being the first red in the Marche region, both territorially and quantitatively. And let’s consider that more than 50 percent of Marche’s wine production comes from our territory. I would like to mention the ‘new entry’ DOCGs Pecorino and Passerina and, last but not least, our Falerio, a wine now on the threshold of 50 years of designation, a classic of our area.”

Marche diWine: Marche’s wine tourism conference and gala dinner

On Sunday, June 11, at 6 p.m. at the Mississippi restaurant, there will be a conference on Marche wine tourism, an opportunity to develop slow and proximity tourism in the Marche region. The conference will be attended by representatives of institutions, primarily Marche Region President Francesco Acquaroli, Regional Agriculture Councillor Andrea Maria Antonini, and a number of producers.

gala dinner supervised and created by Chef Davide Di Fabio of the Michelin-starred restaurant Dalla Gioconda in Gabicce Monte will also be hosted in the evening.

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Discovering the Wines and Beers from Marche at Marche diWine

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