Dòs de Nòa: the Alto Garda Sauvignon of Cantina di Riva

In the pursuit of sustainable and superior quality production, Cantina di Riva has added a brand new Sauvignon Blanc BIO to Le Selezioni, its line of excellence: Dòs de Nòa, produced in a limited edition of 2,172 bottles.

“Dòs de Nòa proudly shows a new facet of Alto Garda,” explains Furio Battelini, oenologist and technical director of Cantina di Riva. “With its modernity it reflects our territory and allows us to express our full potential, both in the vineyard and in the winery.”

Framed by the imposing Alps that are reflected in the crystal-clear lake waters, moved by the constant breezes of the Ora and Pelèr, Alto Garda is one of the most interesting wine-growing areas in Italy. Thanks to the important mitigating function of Lake Garda, which contributes to a unique Alpine-Mediterranean microclimate, the Alto Garda is perfectly suited to sustainable and avant-garde projects. With these successful premises, since 1957 Cantina di Riva has been making the most of the oenological abundance of the area, forging Alpine wines of great character and elegance.

If the area’s vocation for sustainable viticulture is favored by the macro-climatic conditions that allow the vines to be grown organically, the decision to breed and vinify a Sauvignon Blanc in the Alto Garda area reveals well-considered studies and courageous choices.

This variety, which is not very common in the Garda area, finds an extraordinary habitat in specific contexts: in these suitable micro-zones, vineyards are created that are destined to forge extraordinary nectars, whose grapes convey a modern character and great verticality in the glass. With great far-sightedness, the winery immediately recognized the considerable potential that this variety is able to express in the specific terroir of Lake Garda and has carried out rigorous work to improve efficiency in the vineyard and experiments in the cellar.

Cantina di Riva’s First Blanc Bio

Thus, 2022 saw the birth of Dòs de Nòa, the first Sauvignon Blanc Bio created by Cantina di Riva that completes the prestigious Le Selezioni line. “The most interesting challenge in the creation of Dòs de Nòa was seizing the ideal moment for the harvest, a crucial phase for the aromatic picture of the wine,” reveals Battelini.

Historical analysis shows that the name “Dòs de Nòa”, the gentle hill that gives rise to the prized Sauvignon Blanc, originally indicated a “new” and at the same time “fertile” land. A fertility that today extends not only to the cultivation of vines but also to the sustainable projects embraced by the winery. Thanks to its unique microclimatic characteristics, the Alto Garda area is particularly suited to organic farming, a constantly growing sector that today accounts for almost 15% of the company’s total production.

In Alto Garda, all the essential conditions for the optimal growth of Sauvignon Blanc are fulfilled. The vines thrive on south-east facing slopes at an altitude of between 250 and 300 m above sea level and sink their roots into a medium-textured soil rich in clay and tending to limestone and shallow. The marked difference in temperature between day and night that occurs during the ripening of the grapes contributes to the maintenance of an optimal acid level, giving freshness to the wine and developing a fine and intensely aromatic bouquet.

Straw yellow in color, Dòs de Nòa presents itself on the nose with great intensity and complexity. Vigorous and decisive, it has a good structure on the palate accompanied by an intriguing acidity. Perfect as an aperitif, the strong personality and elegant expression of Dòs de Nòa make it a modern wine for the whole meal, particularly versatile in its pairings: from savoury pies with eggs, spinach and bacon to delicate risotto with courgettes and prawns, and trout fillet marinated in orange peel and almonds.


Dòs de Nòa: the Alto Garda Sauvignon of Cantina di Riva

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