Respet® extends the life of furniture with eco-sustainable design

Among the first kitchen models emblematic of an eco-sustainable design philosophy, Euromobil’s Lain is a symbol of that “conscious” industry in which production reflects a dedication to the environment.

It is precisely this vocation that plays a key role in the research and development of new materials and technologies that respond, on the one hand, to environmental protection and, on the other, to the demands of consumers who are increasingly attentive to the origin of materials and their life cycle.

Euromobil’s Environmental Responsibility

Euromobil Group, one of the most important industrial groups in the furniture market, has always been committed to the search for cutting-edge materials that can reduce environmental impact and meet the demand for eco-design.

Thanks to this commitment, sustainability is now intrinsic to the production process and has entered the kitchen. In fact, Euromobil’s Lain was among the first models to offer an innovative finish in a 100% green material that originates from plastic.

It is a revolutionary film produced from plastic bottles that gives extreme durability by increasing the life cycle of the furniture.

Plastic has marked the history of industry since the 20th century, expressing the values of a fast-evolving society: it enters the daily lives of millions of people, simplifying life and everyday gestures, coloring homes, revolutionizing habits and helping to create the modern lifestyle. Its usefulness is undeniable. The real breakthrough therefore lies in its proper use and reuse.

Respet® – Eco-Sustainable Design

Respet® as Respect and as Eco-Sustainable Recycling of PET, is a project developed over two years of research by 3B, a company from the province of Treviso, which was awarded the Product design Red Dot Award.

It begins with the selection of plastic from separate waste collection, the special production process that from the bottle forms the granule, which is then extruded and laminated to become the first covering of a panel for container furniture, obtained by using a 100 percent recycled PET resin, whose production process does not use fossil fuels and allows a 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Thanks to the technolamine, Iain offers a surface that is extremely resistant to abrasion and chemicals, treated with an anti-yellowing coating that makes the color unalterable and consistent over time. The finish is available in three color variants: respet® pebble grey, respet® black, and respet® stripe grey.

Its linear design, high quality and aesthetic performance, and durability of materials make Lain Respet® a sustainable choice that can accommodate different lifestyles, tastes, needs, and budgets.


Respet® extends the life of furniture with eco-sustainable design

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