Ecosophia: The Present and Future of Kitchen Achitecture

Domus Academy, the first postgraduate school in Design and Fashion that holds top positions in international Top Rankings, will be present at Milan Design Week from April 17 to 23 with a special exhibition in Valcucine’s showroom, Corso Garibaldi 99 Milan, entitled Ecosophia. The exhibition is part of the Laboratorio Futuro concept, theme 2023 conceived by Fuorisalone.

Ecosophia: Eco from eco-sustainability, Sophìa from knowledge. A reflection on how Valcucine imagines the present and future of kitchen architecture and design in relation to the values of sustainability and innovation that have always been at the heart of the company’s identity.

The exhibition includes the best projects conceived by the students of Domus Academy’s Master in Interior & Living Design, developed during the workshop ‘New living scenarios and emotion impact – Design of Spaces’: a didactic activity developed by Domus Academy to connect the company of Italian excellence with the new generation of designers.

During the workshop, the students, divided into groups, were confronted with two different types of briefs: on the one hand, the exploration of new living spaces-inspired by Valcucine’s product and philosophy-on the other hand, the investigation of new display scenarios in the retail context. The work of Domus Academy introduces the space of the kitchen conceived as a place of domestic rituals and the showroom conceived as a multifunctional place to display products through an emotional impact.

Also part of the project is a contest in which the Valcucine community is asked to select the best proposal. The winners will then be announced at the end of the Fuorisalone in the Valcucine Magazine and on the Homepage of their website.

Ecosophia: Inside/Out

Inside/Out, a project by Valeria Belousova, Khalid Ajran, Patapong Likitkettanon, Patchara Sriyukrat, is marked by sustainable design and seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor space. The use of strong and durable materials creates a timeless design, and through certified materials and LED lights, the kitchen is designed from the perspective of energy efficiency.

Large sliding glass windows connect outdoor and indoor space, making it easier to extend the kitchen and outdoor gathering area during warmer months. A sustainable grill and water collection system were installed outside.

Ecosophia: Hideout

Hideout, a project by Nikita Choksy, Mishti Shah, Kanaka Joshi and Adela Garcia, conceives of the kitchen as the most interactive and central space in the home. Created to be the vantage point for viewing the surrounding landscape, the Hideout kitchen was placed by the students at a vantage point in the Dolomites.

The modern design and accessories designed to meet multiple needs invoke new experiences and new ways of conceiving the kitchen.

Ecosophia: Back to the future

Back to the future, a project signed by Aarya Koshire, Lu Yingchen, Natalia Escaleria and Siddhi Zaveri, turns to reinventing Valcucine’s showroom spaces, creating a layout that can be effectively applied throughout different showroom spaces and trade shows.

The project includes a modular partition system composed of thin steel tubes that can conceal certain attributes of the existing architectural space in favor of greater product visibility and enhancement.


Ecosophia: The Present and Future of Kitchen Achitecture

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