The Essential Guide to Italian Wine by DoctorWine

1,256 wineries for a total of 3,150 wines reviewed: a precious oenological compendium contained in The Essential Guide to Italian Wine 2023 by DoctorWine.

The Guide, presented in Rome at Spazio Novecento, in the Eur district, in the presence of no less than 117 producers chosen from among the companies that passed the selections for this edition, is now in its ninth edition and bears, as always, the signature of Daniele Cernilli, aka DoctorWine.

The Essential Guide to Italian Wine Selected by DoctorWine

350 tasting labels accompanied the presentation of the volume, narrated with passion by the producers themselves, while DoctorWine told about the wine guide’s features and the awards given.

As every year, the “turnover” of wineries is 10%: there are about 120 wineries included that were not present last year (and almost as many that left). Within the selection there is also a kind of guide within the guide: the reporting of 669 wines that stand out for their excellent value for money, a selection that is a prelude to the Guida Vini per tutte le tasche, third edition, which will be presented on November the 26th in Milan and on December the 4th in Rome.

A Guide to Wine Tourism in Italy

Along with the ninth edition of the Essential Guide to the Wines of Italy, the third edition of “Eating and Sleeping Among the Vineyards by DoctorWine” was also presented, a guide intended for wine tourists that presents 210 wineries with hospitality facilities within the properties: agritourisms, wine resorts, country hotels as well as restaurants.


The Essential Guide to Italian Wine by DoctorWine

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