Eurochocolate: the international Festival of Perugia

After two years of forced absence, Eurochocolate returns to enliven the historic centre of Perugia with its new spring edition – with well over 6,000 Italian and international products presented by more than 100 artisan and industrial confectionery companies.

The festival that is entirely dedicated to chocolate, was traditionally held in Perugia in October, but this year this sweet event will be the protagonist of the new splendid location in the Giardini del Frontone from 25 March to 3 April.

“Perugia a Passo d’Uovo” (“Perugia at an Egg’s Pace”) is the name of this spring edition – including an artistic performance on the steps of Palazzo dei Priori launched for the 2022 edition, which ends with a surprise yellow finale directed by Alfred HitChoK and featuring 800 chocolate eggs.

“It was a choice shared first and foremost with the Municipal Administration,” notes Eugenio Guarducci, President of Eurochocolate, “which took into account the current and prospective context. Thanks to a curious project, linked to the already announced theme “Perugia a Passo d’Uovo”, we will be able to provide an engaging experience in safety within a very large and evocative space and, at the same time, suggest five itineraries in the five districts of Perugia’s historic centre“.

In addition, Piazza Matteotti will host the live production of the Eggofatto chocolate egg collection,from 25 March to 18 April, Easter Monday, allowing visitors to personalize the surprises that they can put inside each chocolate egg.

Eurochocolate: the international Festival of Perugia

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