The Extra Vermouth Experience Comes to Bōl House

For those looking for a relaxed atmosphere or a little savory indulgence, Bōl House has inaugurated the Extra Vermouth Experience: not the usual aperitif but a true taste experience, a walk among traditional Piedmontese flavors in the heart of Turin’s historic center.

Bōl House Bread Bowls and Vermouth di Torino

  At Bōl House, the innovative venue in the heart of the Savoy capital where the entire menu is served in a bread bowl, the aperitif is based on an all-Piedmontese specialty: Vermouth di Torino “Del Professore,” an aromatized wine made from an ancient recipe based on local and exotic aromatic and medicinal herbs.

The Indulgent Experience

Already beloved by the royal court of the Savoy since the late 18th century, Vermouth di Torino is presented by Bōl House for the Extra Vermouth Experience in two versions: pure classic white and red, mixed with bitters and a splash of soda in the Americano cocktail.

Accompanying the two beverages and completing the tasting are five mini-bōl, four savory and one sweet, to be chosen from the menu of the day: baked breads filled with tasty ingredients, small delicacies to be savored in one bite.

The innovation and imagination of Bōl House, whose bowls always offer new, tasty and never mundane pairings, combine with the classic, spicy character of the liquor to create an original taste experience that engages all the senses.

Bol House

The Extra Vermouth Experience Comes to Bōl House

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