Felsina’s Sangiovese: A Journey Through 40 Years of Distinctive Italian Winemaking

Fèlsina celebrates its identity through these two remarkable expressions of Sangiovese, Fontalloro, and Rancia, marking 40 years of viticultural excellence.

Fèlsina, a winery straddling two territories as diverse as they are distinctive, commemorates the 40 vintages of Fontalloro and Rancia, IGT Tuscany, and Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG—two labels that have scripted the history of the estate under the guidance of Giovanni Poggiali.

Situated in the heart of Castelnuovo Berardenga, Fèlsina boasts a rich history as a farm and noble villa before being acquired in 1966 by the Ravenna entrepreneur Domenico Poggiali. Alongside his son Giuseppe, they chose to invest in Sangiovese, transforming it into one of the most representative wineries in the region. In the 1990s, Giovanni Poggiali, the first son of Giuseppe, joined the company and currently leads Fèlsina, advancing its constant pursuit of authenticity in the vineyard and cellar, bridging the gap between nature and technique.

Fèlsina’s vineyards span two profoundly different terrains: the southeastern edge of Chianti Classico, characterized by galestro and alberese soils, and the Crete Senesi, with clay-rich and mineral-laden soils. This unique location, described by Domenico as the “land of light,” due to its favorable exposure, renders it highly ventilated and luminous, ideal for the optimal ripening of grapes, particularly Sangiovese.

Sangiovese, the common thread uniting the Poggiali family and Fèlsina, has historical roots in Romagna, its place of origin and the only region where it has always been vinified in purity—just as the Poggiali decided to do in this Tuscan winery, one of the first in the area.

Since 1983, the estate has collaborated with winemaker Franco Bernabei on mass selections, preserving an invaluable heritage within different crus. These selections, a balance between the land and vineyard, have been cultivated over the years to be passed down to future generations.

In the same year, Fontalloro and Rancia were born—two labels unique in their distinctiveness, becoming icons of the estate. Over the years, the Poggiali family has found in these wines the perfect expression of all the characteristics of this territory.

Fontalloro IGT Tuscany Felsina

Fontalloro is an IGT Toscana wine produced with grapes from three vineyards: one in Chianti Classico (Poggio al Sole or Fontalloro) and two beyond the appellation’s borders (Arcidossino and Casalino). The vineyards are mainly southwest-facing, at altitudes between 330 and 407 meters above sea level. The grapes are hand-selected and manually harvested. After vinification, the wine ages in first and second-passage French oak barriques for about 20 months.

Rancia Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG

Rancia is the Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG named after the estate adjacent to an ancient Benedictine monastery in the Poggio e Rancia area. The vineyards, on calcareous soils, are located at their highest point, at an altitude between 400 and 420 meters above sea level. In the newer plantations, the results of mass selections from the old Rancia vineyard have been utilized. After vineyard selection and manual harvesting, the resulting wine matures in first and second-passage barriques for 18-20 months.


Felsina’s Sangiovese: A Journey Through 40 Years of Distinctive Italian Winemaking

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