Fishing Lab Lands in Verona

Just a few steps from the Arena and the Adige River, in the romantic setting of Verona, along a path of art and history, you turn down an alley and enter the ground floor of a prestigious Verona palace: Fishing Lab, the concept of fish cuisine designed by the Bizionaire Group, famous for Montecatini Terme, Florence and Pietrasanta.

The Fishing Lab Location

At the entrance guests are welcomed to the fish laboratory where they can watch as expert hands select and prepare the products in an atmosphere that recalls the sea amidst grommets that harken back to oceangoing stories and memories of frescoes from distant times. The rooms speak of the power of the sea, which indelibly imprints the mark of its passage on lost objects and wood resurfaced in distant ports, in an elegant contrast between the incessant fury and the gentle tranquillity of the sea.

Pots, once used for fishing, illuminate the scene. A glittering shoal of passing blue fish sends out a warning: unity is strength, even when it seems impossible. In one corner, a small group of fishermen watch the sea with their fishing rods in their hands, heedless of what is to come, their only aim being to enjoy the landscape and meditate on tomorrow. Tired old ropes rest, dangling from the ceiling, proudly bearing the signs of time; they play with the light coming in through the windows, creating a dance of flashes and shy shadows which, in their movement, recall the swaying of a boat on a clear day.

The Fishing Lab Concept

Fishing Lab is not a restaurant in the traditional sense of the word. It is an innovative concept, based on an original formula of unconventional consumption of raw or cooked fish. After having selected the most distinctive features of traditional kitchens, Fishing Lab has reworked them in an original configuration. Inside the restaurant, relaxation and a welcoming dimension envelop customers who, between a taste of fish and a glass of wine, feel at home just like being on a boat enjoying the sound of the sea.

The chefs at the helm guide the open kitchen: the fish, as if it had just been caught a minute before, is the real protagonist of the restaurant. Guests are free to compose their own menu from the raw fish available by the piece, Street Fish, or traditional cuisine, creating imaginative combinations; they can choose to sit at a table, take a seat at the counter, or stand. The aim is to offer top quality raw materials and ingredients at a fair price, always guiding customers towards the best choices for their well-being.

Fishing Lab is dedicated to everyone: to lovers of fried food, street food or the freshness of raw food, to those who like to experiment with special cooking or recipes and to those who are attached to more traditional dishes. The soul of Fishing Lab is versatile and inclusive: from an aperitif with friends to a group dinner, from a quick lunch to a romantic evening for two, Fishing Lab always has the right solution to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Fishing Lab Lands in Verona

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