Gelato and a View of the Pantheon

A new storefront in the heart of Rome, with a spectacular view of the Pantheon: the Mamò gelato shop in fact lands in Piazza della Rotonda, bringing to seven the Capitoline store concepts of ice cream franchiser Cristian Monaco.

That of award-winning ice cream maker Cristian Monaco, to be precise, is a signature of authenticity: it was just last summer that he opened a new outlet on Via Ugo Ojetti that, unlike the mini ice cream boutique in Piazza Ragusa, has up to 50 ice cream flavors on display.

A Sweet Restyling in Rome

A restyling project has changed its connotations while responding more and more to its true personality, a new look that over time will involve all stores: jingle style, black walls and dark packaging. Away with the white, the call of milk and light colors illuminated by sunlight; space then for darker shades almost as if it were a club. Cristian’s imprint is the common thread running through the various addresses, all of which fully reflect his image, thanks to the help of two companies that succeed in faithfully replicating the same venue, A.P. Refrigerazione and MP1 Srl.

Recent centrepiece of the Mamò project is Mamò Lab, a large space with a dual function, laboratory and literary “living room” for ice cream: professionals and enthusiasts together to compare and update with dedicated courses. Over 200 square meters where ice cream can be processed with state-of-the-art machines. A way to emphasize the importance of the impressive daily production of ice cream, while remaining well-anchored to the concept of craftsmanship and quality raw materials.

The Best Gelato in Piazza della Rotonda

The newest addition to the Mamò outlets has landed directly in Piazza della Rotonda with a spectacular view of the Pantheon. A new window on the world to make true Roman gelato known without borders, but above all a way for people to enjoy quality products even in the much talked-about and sometimes encroached upon “tourist areas.”

As many as 60 flavors of ice cream (more than half of which are gluten-free) such as Sacher L’originale, Chocolate Sponge Cake, Apricot Jam, Crostatina, Millefoglie with Crema Chantilly, Zabaione, Piedmont Hazelnut IGP and the ever-present Sicilia Romana (almond ice cream with pistachio cremino, almonds and caramelized pistachios), and a small pastry shop with Tiramisu, Cheescake, Panna cotta, Sicilian Cannoli on display.

A family franchise that involves Cristian Monaco, responsible for production and training, and his brothers Andrea (who will follow communication and activities related to the sale of ice cream) and Simone (responsible for logistics management of Mamò Lab). Franchising that, in this case, is a concept diametrically opposed to the quality of the product: each ice cream is processed directly by Cristian and it is always that same product that can be purchased at retail in one of the outlets scattered around the capital. A recipe with only a few ingredients: three or four elements sufficient for the production of a natural and fresh ice cream every morning.

“What was supposed to be an experiment turned out to be a successful project. Our success comes from the care and meticulousness we put into production, never delegating too much. All products pass under my hands and the relationships with those who invest in our brand are quality relationships,” Cristian explains.

Gelaterie Mamò

Gelato and a View of the Pantheon

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