Grezzo Raw Chocolate’s Non Gelato

An alternative to traditional Italian ice cream created for lovers of the quintessential summer dessert who are looking for new tasting experiences with a focus on health, wellness and sustainability: the Non Gelato by Grezzo Raw Chocolate.

Made with a few premium ingredients and lots of quality without milk, sugar, or eggs, Non Gelato is based on a recipe created from scratch and designed to bring together taste, nature, and sustainability.

The Natural Ingredients of Non Gelato

The goal was to meet emerging nutritional and environmental needs while raising the level of the taste experience. It was therefore impossible to follow the traditional route: milk, sugar and the famous bases had to be eliminated. Thus a new generation recipe was born, with classic flavors that overturn the structure of traditional ice cream, making the main ingredient the protagonist instead of a mere extra.

That is how it became possible to make almond ice cream with 35% organic Sicilian almonds that were not roasted then stone ground for four days, or hazelnut ice cream with 25% organic PDO hazelnuts from Km 0, and chocolate ice cream with 25% raw cocoa, made from organic, unroasted cocoa beans, naturally sun-dried so that they are up to five times more nutritious.

These are percentages of the raw ingredients that cannot be found in classic ice cream. And the rest? Natural water and organic cashews. Sweeteners also play an important role in the new Non Gelato: room is made for organic coconut sugar and organic whole agave, unrefined, low-glycemic index and with a pleasant caramel aftertaste.

A short, simple and sustainable ingredient list for “an experience of luxury for the palate, health for the body, relief for the soul.”

Make the Ice-Cream at Home

Grezzo Raw Chocolate’s Non Gelato can be enjoyed fresh at Grezzo ice cream parlors in Rome or can be made at home with jarred bases, up to 11 flavors, to make ice cream at home, even without an ice cream maker. With what Grezzo calls “Natural Technology,” turning a jar of mix into creamy homemade ice cream is just a matter of adding water, whisking and placing it in the freezer – a preparation that takes just three minutes.

The Innovations of Grezzo Raw Chocolate

But the innovation doesn’t end there: fresh from the launch is the new NocciolaZero Organic Ice Cream Mix, Hazelnut flavor with no added sugar, sweetened with erythritol and 42% Organic PDO Hazelnuts.

With only 160 kcal per serving, it is the perfect ice cream for those who want to stay in shape but don’t want to give up a refreshing, creamy and tasty gelato that can also be easy to prepare in three minutes with a classic home blender.

Nicola Salvi, founder of Grezzo Raw Chocolate, recounts how it took more than a year of testing to arrive at a result that lives up to the very high quality standards and encompasses several firsts; for starters, it is the world’s first artisanal ice cream with no added sugars, and it’s made of only four ingredients (organic, vegetable and gluten-free, ed.), including 42 percent hazelnuts. He emphasizes, “It contains only 1 percent sugar, 4 percent protein, only 2 percent saturated fat. These would be record-breaking nutritional values for any food, but it is literally unbelievable that they are those of an ice cream.”

The ingredient list of Grezzo’s Non Gelato follows a strict rule: in first place is the ingredient that characterizes its taste (e.g., hazelnut, pistachio, almond, etc…) and no processed, industrial or additive ingredients are used, only vegetable and organic. The sweeteners used are organic whole coconut sugar and whole agave syrup.

Nature is Best

Nature is at the center of the priorities: the ingredients are all whole, with no transformations, no alterations, and no derivatives from farming, so that even the ice cream can be almost “plucked from the tree.”

In addition, Non-Ice cream uses only vegetable ingredients that have 150 times less environmental impact than animal derivatives such as milk and eggs. These are organic raw materials that are not chemically treated, thus avoiding pollution of fruits, soils and groundwater, as well as limiting pollution during the production stages of chemicals used in conventional agriculture.

Furthermore, fruits are harvested using techniques that ensure the plant survives so that its valuable functions of protecting the soil from overheating and producing oxygen to clean the air we breathe continue to benefit our planet.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate’s Non Gelato

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