Giorgetti’s Dining Room Collection: Where Aesthetics Meet Functionality in Fluid Elegance

Among the focal points of the home, the dining area is increasingly the heart of domestic conviviality. A social area in which to welcome guests, often open and fluid, in continuity with the living room with which it shares functions, materials, and colors.

Dining Room Furniture Designed for Living

Functionality and aesthetics are the hallmarks of pieces of dining room furniture that function as comfortable and beautiful objects to be experienced at any time of the day.

With the 2023 collection, Giorgetti presents a range of products designed precisely to live and furnish the dining environment, creating a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. Proposals that through quality, care, and tailoring promote the value of experience by emphasizing the role of design to improve the quality of life.

G-Code Table Giorgetti

The fulcrum of the dining room, Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo’s G-Code table comes from an architectural approach: “The intuition came to me during a flight in the United States, looking at the brush of the courtesy kit. It was one of those that closes. I imagined it becoming the structure on which a plane rests. The idea was that of an architecture, with this brush becoming the supporting beam of a large piano,” explains Dante O.Benini.

With a Canaletto walnut frame, the table is distinguished by the play of solids and voids, thanks to the central part composed of metal rods, in three different diameters and hand-painted in three different colors, which support the top and lighten and soften its design.

Featuring a wide, slender top in Canaletto walnut or marble, with 30° beveled edges, it is a product designed to accommodate conviviality. The C-shaped base is distinguished by grooves in the front with 90° Scarpiana carving in the vertical edges of each leg.

Hero Giorgetti

Oriental-inspired, the Hero armchair by Giorgetti designed by Carlo Colombo stands out for its refined and elegant design.

Hero’s essential shell, with its curved and enveloping shape, highlights the particular design of the base made by juxtaposing twenty vertical metal slats covered in wood, a sophisticated workmanship in which the company’s cabinet-making skills are manifested.

Like light pillars supporting the seat, these elements create a sign with a strong graphic impact that makes the armchair light and appealing, while ensuring great stability and comfort.

The visual effect is of a volume that seems suspended and lends itself to being placed in a domestic context as well as within contract spaces.

Skirt Giorgetti

Brought to life by m2atelier’s distinctive feature is the Skirt stool, created by designer duo Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic. With a contemporary approach but with references to the 1960s, Skirt is distinguished by a fluid form, like a soft line traced on a sheet of paper. A cantilevered structure that accompanies the body for extreme seating comfort.

Enveloping and elegant, the stool, fully upholstered in leather with visible stitching accompanying its profile, shows a full volume at the back that is inspired by the silhouette of a skirt, from which it takes its name. The solid ash ring base is reminiscent of a rigid petticoat and gives breadth to the structure. A solution with a versatile soul, enhancing comfort and functionality, created to meet the universe of hospitality but also ideal to fit into a domestic dimension.

Floema Giorgetti

The Atmosphere collection is also enriched with some signature pieces, such as Floema, a project signed by artist Roberto Cambi, a sculptor, painter and master glassmaker who specializes in creating ceramic works.

With Giorgetti he experiments with new creative frontiers, giving life to a collection of white glazed porcelain plates with plant patterns belonging to the world of botany. Particles and elements, joined in chains and groups, branch out and form the body and structure of a plant. The plant elements chase each other, creating a delicate and extremely refined decoration. Created through the application of digital decal with plotter cut the set consists of 6 flat plates, 6 soup plates and 6 dessert plates.


Giorgetti’s Dining Room Collection: Where Aesthetics Meet Functionality in Fluid Elegance

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