Giorgetti: Making the Living Room the Heart of the Home

Comfort, quality and impeccable details characterize the living area according to Giorgetti.

The heart of the home, the living room, now becomes an environment with a thousand functions designed as a place to live in company or to accommodate moments of relaxation, as well as a space dedicated to homeworking.

With the 2023 collection, Giorgetti offers a wide selection of versatile products with an elegant and unmistakable character, distinguished by the very high quality of materials and exacting research into finishes, shapes, textures and colors, capable of making the living area a welcoming environment that reflects the personality of those who inhabit it.

Karphi Giorgetti

Enveloping lines reinterpreted in a contemporary key distinguish the new Karphi modular sofa designed by Carlo Colombo. Karphi is a project characterized by a great modularity that outlines a dynamic and never repetitive domestic landscape. A contemporary system that offers maximum compositional versatility, between essentiality of design and generous proportions.

The numerous modules, characterized by welcoming and hospitable seating, are like islands that move in space, creating ever-changing configurations capable of fulfilling different functions of living.

Indeed, Karphi is designed to accommodate not only moments of relaxation but also to open the living room to conviviality, fostering an even more welcoming environment.

The different elements are integrated with marble, leather or ash countertops, and eventual tray, which enrich its functionality by creating compositions with geometric shapes that are always unique.

The quilted cover, which is completely removable, features on the armrests and backrest a decoration with “cordonetto” stitching, ton-sur-ton or in a contrasting color.

Tie XL Giorgetti

Giorgetti consolidates its collaboration with m2atelier, the creative duo composed of Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic, who once again bring their refined mark to Giorgetti’s home by presenting the new Tie XL armchair that flanks the seat of the same name presented in 2021.

The inspiration for this product comes from the world of fashion, constantly seeking the equation between uniqueness and sartorial cut: its discreet silhouette reveals a deep, seductive slit at the back reminiscent of certain haute couture creations.

Distinguished by its full volume but light to the eye, thanks to its impeccable proportions, Tie XL is a monolithic object that captivates with its attention to detail. Examples are the stitching that runs along the entire profile, accentuating its sinuous and ultra-soft line, and the counterweight of the headrest that adjusts its height and, like a necklace, in turn embellishes the back of the seat.

A comfortable, ergonomic and cozy armchair capable of returning a pleasant effect of visual and tactile softness that gives a new sensory experience.

Kukei Giorgetti

Fullness and emptiness, light and shadow are the lexicon behind Kukei, the new sideboard designed by Mauro Lipparini. The ash frame, with top in a choice of ash, marble or leather and side panels in smoked gray tempered glass, contains, inside, a drawer unit with leather-covered fronts.

Kukei’s scenographic aptitudes are accomplished through light: the back of the chest of drawers illuminated by an LED profile creates an enhancement of voids and chiaroscuro. Kukei thus creates a stage with a light but rigorous volume in which to store or display objects so that their value is appreciated from multiple angles.

The sideboard is available in either a symmetrical version or can be deconstructed to create an asymmetrical variant that expands its storage function. Both are available with metal feet or an ash base.

Giorgetti G-Code

The G-Code project, launched last year with the launch of the G-Code Desk, expands by creating a collection of furniture designed by Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo.

Ideal to complete the entrance, a corridor or the living area, G-Code console is a proposal of great elegance. A functional piece of furniture capable of giving a touch of style even to rooms that pass between one room and another.

With a Canaletto walnut frame and a marble or wood top, the G-Code console is distinguished by the play of solids and voids: the central part is composed of metal rods, in three different diameters and three colors (pewter, bronze and brushed champagne), which support the top and lighten and refine its design.

Spark Giorgetti

Elegant in their simplicity, Spark side tables are distinguished by the perfect balance between refinement and practicality of use.

Available in a plurality of shapes and sizes, they can be used individually or in groups. Indispensable complements to complete a sofa, a room, a study, or any home environment but also ideal for use in the contract world.

If the lacquered ash tops liven up and warm the room, the leather variant gives a sophisticated touch to the room, while the marble one stands out for its preciousness.

Spark is also offered in a game table version with checkerboard or backgammon inlay, composed of sycamore maple, Sapelli and steel. The top is supported by a central base, turned with varying diameters, in solid charcoal gray ash, with 4 vertical grooves that lighten the design.

Woody & Mia Giorgetti

Born from the creative thinking of Giorgetti R&D is the new couple Woody & Mia. Two distinct stories, but a common mark that binds them.

A low coffee table in Canaletto walnut, Mia is the focal element of the living area. A sculptural complement with pure forms, it features a solid base combined with a wide, slender top that, thanks to clever angular shaping, fits in with the Woody side table, whose forms are molded in wood.

Also available in an upholstered pouf version covered in fabric or leather, Woody features a full volume and a sinuous, irregular profile designed to fit perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle, with Mia. Its organic design gives it a distinct personality, allowing it to also live separately, completing and expanding the functionality of the living area.

A design that is the result of the cabinet-making expertise that the company has been able to cultivate and develop in 125 years of history, which, like a signature, remains engraved in Mia’s visible shaping, a markunmistakably Giorgetti.  


Giorgetti: Making the Living Room the Heart of the Home

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