Giorgetti Open Air Collection 2024

The outdoors continues to play a leading role in contemporary life. The boundary between indoors and outdoors is thin. The typical elegance of Giorgetti’s interiors, made up of research into details, study of forms and fine materials, conquers the green of the outdoors and the blue of the sea.

Carlo Colombo’s second outdoor collection for Giorgetti translates the needs of outdoor spaces in an ever more articulate way, transforming gardens and terraces, hotels, restaurants and yachts into true outdoor spaces to experience style and maximum comfort.

Moorea Giorgetti

The result is MOOREA, a modular outdoor sofa system. From a yacht on the Côte d’Azur to a terrace in New York, its youthful, casual style adapts to all latitudes.

Moorea features an inox steel structure for the base, the armrests and the back elements covered with a solid Teak wood frame, mud colour painted, and a fabric cover cape.

The seat frame is belted and has seat and back cushions with draining rubber. Fully removable upholstery in fabrics from the Open-Air collection.

Atmosphere Accessorizes

Combining heritage and innovation, the Atmosphere collection is growing with new proposals, accessories and sophisticated decorative objects that complete the Giorgetti lifestyle. Designed and developed by the company and its Artistic Director, Giancarlo Bosio, these collections are capable of creating unique, original environments that explore the many facets of everyday life.

“The Atmosphere collection shuns boredom and moulds spaces with lightness and joy.”
Giancarlo Bosio, Art Director Giorgetti

MARIMO, hanging vases

Design Roberto Cambi

Marimo is a collection of aqua-green glazed ceramic hanging vases that evoke the spherical shape of ‘marimo’, a distinctive Japanese spherical seaweed. With openings on the sides to insert plants or flowers, these vases are designed to create a hanging garden that brings nature into the home.

Steel cables h 200 cm
Ø 25 cm
Ø 30 cm
Ø 40 cm



Giorgetti Open Air Collection 2024

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