The Bomba Gelato from Niko Romito

A fresh summer with an unmistakable taste is the one proposed by three-starred chef Niko Romito with Bomba Gelato, the temporary spot that is animating the center of Pescara for the summer season.

The famous Bomba, an iconic and popular street food, is therefore presented in a new unedited warm-weather version that is meant to be fun and contemporary filled with freshly made espresso gelato.

The summer rendition of the Niko Romito Bomba is mouthwatering, full of contrasts and filled with fluffy espresso ice cream. The hot Bomba is proposed filled with cold ice cream for a unique, mouthwatering and good result.

Research and experimentation for Niko Romito’s new Bomba Gelato

Niko Romito‘s Bomba is the result of a thorough research into the ingredients and especially the production technology of a great classic of Abruzzo’s pastry tradition. It is a light, vegetarian pastry, devoid of animal fats, delicately browned in first frying oil – 60g of leavened dough to which the gelato filling is added.

The ice cream designed for Bomba is an evolution of the traditional type, developed in collaboration with artisan ice cream maker Emilio Panzardi. Whipped with a lower temperature than the traditional preparation, it is a creamy, soft and light ice cream made from fresh, natural, preservative-free milk that melts with the soft and warm Bomba in every bite.

Among the flavors offered at Bomba Gelato Temporary are Piedmont Hazelnut IGP, Sicilian Pistachio Feudo San Biagio, Dark Cocoa and Hazelnut and Fiordilatte and Organic Cherry, with some Special combinations.

Photo Credits: Andrea Straccini

The Bomba Gelato from Niko Romito

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