Celebrating the Fluidity of Beauty with Ralik by Arper

Beauty may assume many forms, capture the eye in various guises, and give rise to multiple compositions, just as with Ralik by Arper – the new modular system designed by Ichiro Iwasaki.

Configuring the Concept of Ralik by Arper

Ralik chairs, ottomans, and benches can be used as single pieces or combined to create endless solutions. A family of complementary side tables gives each configuration structure and surface for working or relaxing.

Both elegant and casual, Ralik celebrates the fluidity of beauty, adapting to any need thanks to its rapid assembly system, which requires no tooling.

Modular Solutions

Arper’s collection includes six seating modules that can be combined or used as individual volumes:ottomans, chairs with backs, and benches, all available in two-seat or single versions.

Accompanying the furnishings are small tables from the Ralik line, which fit seamlessly into the modular solutions, adding structure and surfaces to the softer forms of the seating. The line also includes soft cushions to combine with the benches to provide comfort in larger configurations.

A distinctive feature of the Ralik line is the L-shaped legs made of recycled polypropylene, which not only facilitate cleaning but also give the modules a sculptural effect. The wide range of colors for legs and upholstery gives full freedom for customization. The covers of the Ralik line are made of sustainable materials and are completely removable, ensuring ease of use and recycling.

In addition, in line with contemporary technological needs, the range of chairs and tables includes charging sockets for use at home, in the office, or in public spaces.


Celebrating the Fluidity of Beauty with Ralik by Arper

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