Valentine’s Day 2023: the creations of Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Valentine’s Day, the moment to let those most dear to us know how precious, unique and adored they are; so why not gift them a sweet healthy chocolate that is as special as they are. Rome’s Grezzo Raw Chocolate, the first company based completely on raw chocolate creations, has prepared original, exquisite and delicious delights for to help us express all of our sweet longings this Valentine’s Day.

Opposites Attract

Among the 2023 proposals are Opposites, heart-shaped double-flavored chocolates. Each individual Opposites is made by two people, so the energy of the couple is inserted, each one unique and different from the other, with raw dark chocolate and salted caramel white chocolate: opposites that meet and manage to unite despite imperfections and differences.

These chocolates are a metaphor for all relationships because it is known that the magic of love is to hold differences together and that no couple is made up of two equal halves.

The Philosophy of Grezzo Raw Chocolate

What sets this confectionery apart from others is the goal of offering sweets that are not only a memorable taste experience, but also a concentrate of well-being and nourishment. Thanks to the special cold-processing process and the selection of vegetable, natural, organic and whole-grain ingredients, Valentine’s Day sweets will tell the story of a choice made with love and attention to every detail.

Love Languages

Like the love bites called M’Ami, a tribute to the famous Baci Perugina, pistachio or hazelnut, with dark raw chocolate or white raw chocolate, telling stories of passion and deep feelings, of contrasts and unions, of flavors and memories. Handmade one by one, with fine, natural and organic ingredients, without white sugar.

We are all disposed to love, but not all in the same way. Some live with an open heart, others hide their sweetness inside a hard shell perhaps for fear of suffering. Dedicated to them is Cuore Caramello, a cake featuring a crunchy dark raw chocolate coating, a soft almond and raw cocoa mixture and a creamy salted caramel ganache filling.

And then there are the whirlwind loves, those that alternate hardness and sweetness, contrasts and consistency, distance and proximity. For them, Grezzo has come up with Golden Love: a heart-shaped cake, distinguished by a raw chocolate coating with hazelnut crumbs that encloses within it a heart of hazelnuts emphasized by raw salted caramel.

Healthy Chocolate

Grezzo Raw Chocolate, thanks to its raw pastry techniques, has been offering healthy and nutritious plant-based desserts since 2014, debunking the traditional myth of desserts rich in refined sugars and empty calories. The raw materials used as ingredients, scrupulously researched, are all organic and sustainable.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Valentine’s Day 2023: the creations of Grezzo Raw Chocolate

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