Homage to the White Truffle

La Madernassa, the charming Michelin starred Restaurant & Resort, inaugurates its new fall menu, an authentic homage to the White Truffle D’Alba – the tuber par excellence with its pungent aromas and deep, earthy character.

The great season of the White Truffle D’Alba has indeed begun and the prized product becomes the star of La Madernassa’s new menu, opening the doors to autumn when diners can delight in shavings of paper-thin truffle slices over a selection of exquisite dishes.

Chef Giuseppe D’Errico Honors the White Truffle D’Alba

“It is a privilege to live and work in a naturalistic context where Langhe-Roero and Monferrato are a World Heritage Site, where Alba is a Unesco creative city for gastronomy,” stresses executive chef Giuseppe D’Errico, “as well as to devise dishes that can pay homage to a product as rare and precious as the White Truffle D’Alba. What I have tried to do is to express creativity and personality by focusing on the raw ingredient, employing imagination, passion and experience to enhance every nuance of the prized Truffle, to delight those who sit at our tables with the aim of fostering intimate perceptual moments of taste and smell to take home as an experience to remember.”

La Madernassa’s Truffle-Loving Menus

Oro Bianco is the course that pays homage to the White Truffle of Alba, where the menu is designed to enhance it in all its declinations, along with all the other seasonal elements. There are five courses in which diners can choose to shave the prized tuber.

Nutrirsi d’Arte is the menu that includes some of the most beloved dishes so far, part of the chef’s journey, inspired by works of art that are particularly dear to him.

Menù a Mano Libera, on the other hand, is intended for those who want to indulge in a surprise journey, where the culinary experience is always based on raw materials, technique, research and emotions to be conveyed.

Curated Wine and White Truffle Pairings

Director of dining and first sommelier Giuseppe Palazzo along with second sommelier Vincent Nuevo have worked on the choice of wines to be paired with Chef Giuseppe D’Errico’s signature dishes. Each choice was thoughtful but also guided by the inspiration to achieve the perfect combination of pleasure with the cuisine.

They offer a tasting by the glass paired with each menu as well as an extensive menu designed to offer the greatest number of oenological nuances. They start from the territory and the great wines that have been produced for generations on the hills surrounding Alba, to expand on a wide selection of labels representing Italy, to complete by spanning the world, Champagne and Burgundy in primis, and then Germany, Slovenia, Austria and more, to complete a passion they love to share with their guests.

“Our wine list is driven by the desire to be able to offer our guests a broad wine panorama, both national and international, where guests can choose according to their own tastes and preferences. We are thrilled to have created a list that has received the PREMIO CARTA VINI Milano Wine Week award,” says Giuseppe Palazzo. “In this season, truffles become the king of gastronomy, and we love to pair them with Barolo, Barbaresco, and Roero, because the territory performs its signature love marriage on its own.”

“But we also love to have fun enhancing the perceptions of each dish with other combinations, whites that are persistent in aroma, bubbles with good structure…anything that allows for a well-rounded gastronomic experience is what we look for,” the sommeliers continue. “We are constantly tasting new vintages we already know, to see the changes, evolutions and how nature affects the product. We are always looking for new wines to bring to the table to convey evolution, sensitivity and different ways of understanding the vineyard and wine.”

The Resort

For those who will have time to stop and stay in the Resort’s rooms, after a leisurely breakfast, they can devote themselves to one of the many proposals aimed at discovering the area dotted with villages and castles. Visit the cellars of the great Nebbiolos, get lost in the magical atmosphere of the rows of vines with their warm yellow-red leaves or reach the center of Alba in five minutes to visit the World Market of the White Truffle of Alba.

La Madernassa

Homage to the White Truffle

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