A Truffle Adventure in the Langhe

At Casa di Langa, an eco-sustainable resort nestled in the hills of Alta Langa and surrounded by vineyards and wooded areas, the truffle is the protagonist all year round. Plan a getaway where adventure, curiosity, good food, good wine, and lots of nature await.

A Full-Immersion Truffle Experience

The luxury hotel‘s services dedicated to guests are many, and include a well-established collaboration with the experts of Bianco Tartufi, with the possibility of booking truffle searches in the property’s woods, a special refrigerator where to store the precious mushrooms purchased in the Langa, a seasonal truffle tasting menu designed ad hoc by chef Daniel Zeilinga and, finally, the creation of a private truffle farm, designed and created by Casa di Langa’s gardener, Luigi Merlo. The experience allows guests to participate in the fun of the search as well as learn about the famous tuber and try gourmet preparations and tastings in a setting that is authentic and beautiful.

A park, where oaks, linden trees, white poplars and generally suitable trees have been planted to recreate an eco habitat suitable for truffles to grow. The park will be ready in a handful of years, but in the meantime, to the delight of truffle hunters, available to customers is the activity carried out by the experts of Bianco Tartufi and their adorable Lagotto dogs.

The truffles of Casa di Langa

In Alta Langa, the tubers grow throughout the summer period, and particularly in August we find the Tuber Macrosporum commonly called smooth black. Tuber Eastivum, on the other hand, known commonly as Scorzone, is found almost everywhere on the property throughout the summer months and has a characteristic smell reminiscent of porcini.

The season for the white truffle, the prized Tuber Magnatum, starts here from about September 21 and lasts until January. In April, however, the protagonist is the bianchetto, Tuber Borchii, which at Casa di Langa can be found naturally in the pine forests above the resort. Each season offers unique moments to visit the countryside and be immersed in a landscape that is surrounded by the perfume of a land filled with history.

Meet the Adorable Lagotto Dogs

Daniele and Marta, the young owners of Bianco Tartufi, breed the world-famous Lagotto dogs out of passion and love. These super sweet, sensitive, curious and intelligent dogs are also perfect for truffle hunting. The Lagotto are known for their olfactory search capabilities also used for aquatic retrieval of birds during hunting, and therefore well suited for searching, especially in the wetlands typical of the white version that grows here. In addition, since the breed has a thick curly coat, which creates an almost impermeable layer on his skin, he is able to slip through brambly areas without getting hurt. Their company makes this experience even more special.

For search training, as early as at birth, owners can start with imprinting by rubbing the truffle on the mother so that they associate the smell with safety and feeling comfortable. Next you start playing with the truffle and then do the first jobs, hiding the tuber under stones, branches, in the backyard, in places that are not hard to find and reward them for success with small treats. Once it’s clear that the dog’s attachment to it is firm, owners and trainers can finally start hiding them underground.

Upon reservation, Casa di Langa offers the experience of an exclusive search with the Lagottos, lasting about an hour and a half, with an unforgettable hike through the wooded part of the property, guided by the dogs’ unerring nose.


A Truffle Adventure in the Langhe

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