Home Working in Style with G-Code Desk by Giorgetti

A project for a home working desk that focuses on the well-being of the individual as a user by uniting form and function, aesthetics and technology in a single symphony: G-Code Desk, the executive desk designed by architects Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo for Giorgetti.

The Inspiration

G-Code Desk was born from an architectural approach: “The concept started during a flight to the United States, where inside the in-flight travel pochette was a brush, the kind that closes. I took a mental tour and imagined it becoming the structure on which a desk rests. The idea was that of architecture, with this brush becoming the supporting beam of a large plane,” explains Dante O.Benini.  

“It is like a model of architecture: there is a double height, there are terraces, there is a roof that flies with overhangs, there are transparencies and volumes that open up. It has a visual strength, that is at the same time elegant and sober, precisely because it has perspectives and lines, it has voids and it also has light,” adds Luca Gonzo.

Giorgetti’s G-Code Desk

With an important presence and great aesthetic impact, G-Code Desk is the result of construction techniques that represent the synthesis of sensitivity and attention to detaildeveloped over 124 years of history.  

The desk is characterized by a walnut frame and a play of solids and voids, thanks to the central part composed of 158 metal rods, in three different diameters and hand-painted in three different colors pewter, bronze and brushed champagne, which support the top and lighten and soften its design, as well as the top with scarp edges.

Available in wood or marble, the sculptural top features a leather-covered undercounter in the center accessorized with two buttonholes. Characterized by a distinctive conical section, they accompany the cable outlet and connect with the cable grommet connected with an inspectable area hidden in the center of the structure to enclose the wiring, which lights up when opened.

A Home Working Station

G-Code Desk is a design in which nothing is left to chance and is characterized by a wealth of details. The drawer handle is an aluminum plate, hollowed out to achieve a lock-like shape, which is painted and covered in leather.

The drawer on the left, which is available with a safety lock, consists of a leather top and compartment, a lower space that is illuminated and electrified with electrical and mains sockets to accommodate, for example, a small printer as well as books and binders. The top drawer on the right, however, is divided to hold small desk accessories. Two other drawers are present. The desk also includes numerous electrical outlets as standard.

A highly elegant proposal that focuses on functionality to meet all the needs of a comfortable, multitasking workstation. A timeless object designed for a large executive office as well as a prestigious home with a large space dedicated to home working.


Home Working in Style with G-Code Desk by Giorgetti

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