Homemade Bread by Matteo Cunsolo

Fragrant, soft, and irresistible, homemade bread is the symbol par excellence of genuinely healthy food. In recent years more and more Italians have become fascinated with the art of preparing bread at home – a pastime that offers them a bit of fun and the knowledge that they are serving only the purest ingredients to their families. The following is a good recipe to try at home. Created by Master Baker Matteo Cunsolo of La Panetteria in Parabiago, this delicious bread calls for black rice flour, a touch that gives the recipe fragrance and consistency.

Black Rice Flour Bread


  • 700 gr of type 2 flour
  • 300 gr of black rice flour
  • 200 gr of sourdough
  • 650 gr of water
  • 18 gr of salt


Mix the flours with the sourdough and 550 gr of water. When the dough is stiff, add salt and gradually add water. The dough will be ready when it is smooth and dry. Let the dough rest for at least 90 minutes at room temperature. After, weigh to reach the desired amount and then begin to shape it into the desired form. Let it rest for 30 minutes and perfect the shape. Let it rise for about four hours and bake at a temperature of about 230 °C using steam at the start. For the final ten minutes, lower the oven by 20-30 degrees, and then for the last five minutes, slightly open the oven door to allow the excess steam to escape. Cooking time varies according to the size of the loaf – for 350 gr. – consider the cooking time to be about 40 minutes.


Homemade Bread by Matteo Cunsolo

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