Exclusive Parallels: Experience a Restaurant within a Restaurant

A restaurant within a restaurant, a project hidden behind a sliding door, ready to be revealed to those who wish to travel with mind and palate, to those who seek the exclusivity of a single table, in the privacy of a room completely dedicated to a new culinary performance: this is Parallels Experience, the new gourmet experience from Rome’s two-Michelin-starred restaurant Il Pagliaccio.

Il Pagliaccio’s Most Private Room

The address is always the same – via dei Banchi Vecchi 129a, Rome -, however, having crossed the threshold of the restaurant, those who choose Parallels Experience will be led to a private room, reserved for a maximum number of six guests, all gathered around one table.

Inside Parallels Experience

Here is where diners will set off on a journey, which like a Parallel traverses the entire world in Latitude, from the Mediterranean to Asia, accompanied by a perfect and balanced parallelism between the room service of general manager Matteo Zappile and the art in the kitchen of chef Anthony Genovese.

The experience goes beyond a simple dinner: guests play, experiment, and savor the entire philosophy of Pagliaccio, along with the wines from its cellar, also deserving of numerous awards in recent years.

Booking the Parallels experience is simple. Simply access the Reservations page of the restaurant’s website. Here those who book must be careful to distinguish between the two different sections, Main Room (the main room of the restaurant, with its four classic courses Circus, Orme, Terrae, and Intermezzo) and the alternative Parallels Experience.

Ristorante Il Pagliaccio

Exclusive Parallels: Experience a Restaurant within a Restaurant

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