Italian Finest Atmospheres

A fascination with beauty, a feeling of extraordinary luxury, and the ability create the most perfect of atmospheres – this is the art that is Italian Finest Atmospheres. Custom-made rooms dedicated to what their owner’s treasure most, places to relax, dress, and pamper in carefully designed settings that take personal design to a whole other level.

Jumbo Collection Presents Italian Finest Atmospheres

Based on this inspiration, the Interior Design Service of Jumbo Collection-the versatile interior design studio where architecture, art, design and craftsmanship coexist, has created Italian Finest Atmospheres, a brand new catalog featuring a selection of expertly designed paneling and walk-in closets that are gracing the most elegant of space in homes around the world.

“IDS creates elegant, comfortable and functional living solutions for clients around the world. It aims to exceed customer expectations and meet the demands of modern living, enhancing the pleasure of living,” says Thomas Munafò, Brand Manager of Jumbo Collection and General Manager of Interior Design Service, both part of ONIRO Group.  

Michelangelo Meets Southern Charm

The selection is a mix of new and existing projects. Starting with the Michelangelo paneling, with its classic lines enhanced by a contemporary touch. The sumptuous velvet upholstery creates an enveloping sensation, making each room a treasure chest in which the level of comfort is maximized. Beauty and well-being blend perfectly within the Michelangelo paneling, as requested by the owner of this home in the heart of the United States: a passionate lover of luxury, design, craftsmanship and Italian style.

In this historic building that exudes Southern charm, one of the most precious jewels is the Frida walk-in closet. Carefully designed to meet the needs and desires of a very refined lady, the space is feminine yet functional, full of details to be discovered. In the closet, an interplay of full and empty volumes is perfectly orchestrated by the lighting system, while the square lines of the mirrors and the luxurious fabrics that cover some of the walls add to the overall appeal.

Bohème & Fuji on the French Riviera

Back in Europe, the Bohème paneling evokes a tale of luxury and elegance, like a stage with an historic flair. In this enchanting villa on the French Riviera, the request of a well-known soprano was to enjoy her leisure time in a setting full of charm.

The decorations are inspired by the French style, while the clean lines are perfectly suited to modern atmospheres. The white color prevails on the walls, reaches the ceilings and creates a flawless contrast with the moldings and carvings.

In the same villa, another splendid room is ready to be discovered: between decoration and lightness, the Fuji extra luxury walk-in closet is a dream come true. Fine materials and refined workmanship help make Fuji the ideal wardrobe. The mood board of the walk-in closet is precious and composite: the base is made of wood with a metal and glass frame, enhanced by hand-carved decorations and a lighting system. A white onyx element encloses the entire structure.

Ukiyo’s Oriental Landscape

Moving on to a new project to celebrate its deep fascination with Eastern culture, Jumbo Collection presents Ukiyo, a paneling inspired by the floating Japanese world. Ukiyo revisits an ancient ritual in a modern key: indeed, the environment evokes the evocative Japanese tea ceremony, solemn yet welcoming.

The walls, embellished with detailed miniatures of oriental landscapes and bamboo leaves, reflect the geometries of the tatami floor. A decorative thatched panel depicts a harmonious panorama, while bamboo canes carved into cedar wood create an effect of perspective depth.

The majestic chandelier – with regular volumes at different heights – fits perfectly into the space. The Ukiyo boiserie comes from the selection of fine materials: oak veneered plywood panels with solid oak profiles, rattan-covered panels and lacquered panels in the “chinoiserie” style, and finally oriental-themed plaster decorations in gold leaf.

The Aria of Norma

Calling to mind the emotion of one of the most famous and beloved arias in the world of Opera, the Norma paneling tells a story of luxury and elegance. The natural wood tones, masterfully assembled in perfect geometries, give the room a cozy and classy atmosphere, while the glossy finishes enhance the splendor of the room and the precision of the details. Another version of the Norma boiserie, bold and characterful, is made of plywood panels with solid wood profiles, lacquered in Bordeaux finish with matte effect. A bold yet sophisticated choice for an environment that speaks to the senses.

Colonial Era America

Yet another project located in an American villa is the Colonial walk-in closet. Inspired by colonial-era environments, the walk-in closet brings to mind spaces rich in history and craftsmanship.

The contrast between dark and bright panels creates a three-dimensional environment. Perfectly equipped to hold and display clothing and accessories, the space is complemented by a central element that includes a makeup station and a large mirror, which enriches and expands the space.

Domus Aurea

The inspiration behind another splendid design, the Domus Aurea paneling, is the imperial imagery, magnificence and sumptuous beauty of Ancient Rome. After the devastating fire of 64 A.D., which destroyed much of the center of Rome, Emperor Nero began the construction of a new residence, which for pomp and splendor went down in history as the Domus Aurea, the Golden House. In the eponymous paneling, the impeccable balance of the composition is balanced by the richness of the details: fantastic flora and fauna, mysterious landscapes and imaginary architectural perspectives. All this is done by selecting the best materials, such as multi-layered solid wood profile panels finished with ivory patinated lacquer, gold leaf profiles, antiqued mirror inserts and grotesque decorations.

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Italian Finest Atmospheres

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