A Kitchen with Timeless Elegance: Atlante Nest L’Ottocento

The new L’Ottocento kitchen combines the durability of solid wood and natural materials with the subtlety of light shades.

Atlante Nest from L’Ottocento

L’Ottocento enriches its Atlante collection with Atlante Nest, an elegant kitchen proposal with a traditional design that matches the idea of aesthetic cleanliness of the storage boiserie, always favoring fine and natural materials.

Atlante is the solid wood boiserie system that functionally furnishes the kitchen environment thanks to the full-height storage compartments, which can also be adapted for the living area according to a main theme featuring strong material expression.

In the Nest version, the Atlante kitchen, made of closed-pore lacquered wood, inherits the design concept of the boiserie following a more classic configuration that plays on light tones and color contrasts.

Atlante Nest’s base and refrigerator/oven cabinets designed to accommodate shelves and appliances express aesthetic rigor, echoing the collection’s linear frame and matching the tall solid wood and glass display cabinets, complete with alluring LED lighting. Completing the kitchen is natural travertine, finished with transparent resin, used as the top and in the basin, to continue on the backdrop concealing useful niches with a drop-down opening.

Timeless elegance, sophistication and usability come together in a kitchen environment that can be customized according to varying needs of space and style.


A Kitchen with Timeless Elegance: Atlante Nest L’Ottocento

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