A Balance of Volumes and Colors with Botanica by L’Ottocento

Classic kitchen elements mingle with contemporary inspirations, combining usability, innovation, and sustainability as L’Ottocento showcases its craftsmanship and savoir-faire with the beautiful paneling work present in Botanica – a kitchen space that elegantly renders the emblematic details of its timeless vision of design into a home of dreams.

Botanica is a statement of taste where styles combine, craftsmanship is coupled with aesthetic and technological innovations, and practicality is combined with elegance. It becomes an invitation to savor new atmospheres, freed from time, where classic suggestions dialogue with contemporary solutions, enhancing the properties of materials, in search of absolute beauty.

A Kitchen Made to Inspire

Fine wood, a natural and eco-sustainable raw material par excellence, is the protagonist of the space, which is dressed in an enveloping charm offering a sense of well-being that becomes an inspiration for creating quality moments that propel our lives forward.

Botanica’s wooden boiserie is the newest proposal by L’Ottocento, created with makethatstudio, that uses lacquered Nest with closed pores, to envelope the room while adding fully equipped wall systems that function to allow for the retracting and pull-out pantries, shelves, and compartments that also served to conceal appliances. The detailing extends to the heights of the kitchen creating a fascinating scenophraphic effect.

Botanica is embellished with silk shantung inserts, Sahara color, by Dedar – in the dining area – and decorative hand carvings with a floral theme that enhance its aesthetic richness.

The Versatility of L’Ottocento

In a measured balance of volumes and colors, there is the formal lightness of the new Archetipo island with its Rovere Moro finish, which, is organized with drawers and complete with cylinders for the passage of water and electrical connections, contributes to the modularity and design functionality of the furnishings. Completing the island and the base units inside the recessed doors is a polished Havana Brown top.

Areas dedicated to preparation, washing, and cooking can be distributed on either the paneled areas or the island and are customized and structured according to each individual situation.

Botanica reveals all of its true sense of versatility as it extends beyond the kitchen and into the living room, with doorways and bookcases, and from there onto the other rooms of the home allowing for a stylistic flow that adapts to each abode’s architectural requirements. architectural requirements.


A Balance of Volumes and Colors with Botanica by L’Ottocento

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