Myriam Sabolla’s Wonderful Culinary Journey in La Stagione Vegetale

More than 200 recipes, 16 weekly menus, and helpful tips on pantry and kitchen organization: The Food Sister Myriam Sabolla recounts her green cooking in the book “La Stagione Vegetale,” published by Slow Food Editore.

Myriam Sabolla’s Philosophy

Myriam Sabolla presents a culinary philosophy that is seen not as giving up, but as a beautiful journey within everyone’s reach and for the benefit of all, including the Planet.

“‘La Stagione Vegetale’ is a book in which I want to tell you what and how I have been eating, at home, for 11 years now (since that is, I stopped eating meat for environmental and ethical reasons). I would like you to discover that it is never about giving up, but rather a journey, a wonderful one, of discovery. Fill your plate with new flavors, colors, and textures: besides doing something good for the Earth, you will also be happier,” explains Myriam Sabolla.

Vegetarian Italian Cooking and More

The book’s protagonists are vegetarian dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients, according to recipes from the Italian tradition but also from a broader and farther afield; above all, they are easy-to-prepare dishes, perfect for those with the busiest and most hectic routines and those who consider themselves chronically disorganized.

La stagione vegetale

La Stagione Vegetale

Soups, vegetable meatballs, and veggie burgers, fruit and vegetable salads offered with unusual dressings, but also great classics of Italian cuisine that celebrate the vegetable garden in a succession of colors that change from spring through winter. Ordering the dishes are not only the seasons, but also intuitive weekly menus constructed by the author to suggest conscious spending, decrease waste, and organize meals on your own, as a couple, or as a family, without going crazy at the stove.

Organization, in fact, is the key to peacefully welcoming plant-based cooking into the every day: Myriam gathers a series of practical and intuitive tips on pantry organization, the shopping list, cooking tools, and cooking methods, but also on cooking with and for children, from five months to over three years of age. For cooking that places creativity, technique, and taste at the disposal of family health and the environment.


Myriam Sabolla, The Food Sister in the social world, has been involved in food for 13 years: first as a digital strategist, then as a food writer, cook (she graduated from Joia Academy), and natural cooking expert. She develops and creates content for those who want to cook and eat better every day, but without going crazy at the stove, promoting cuisine that is respectful of people, the environment, and cultures. Since 2019 she has been a Professional Organizer registered with APOI (Professional Organizers Association Italy), of which she is a senior member and member of the scientific technical committee. She lives in Milan together with her two little girls, her husband, and her cat.

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Myriam Sabolla’s Wonderful Culinary Journey in La Stagione Vegetale

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