1,000 Bottles of a Limited Edition Wine Emblem of Heroic Viticulture

Cantine Ramarro, a small Candia winery with heroic viticulture and vineyards situated between Carrara and Massa, has introduced Bianco C, a limited-edition Candia DOC limited with only 1,000 numbered bottles.

The Philosophy of the Winery

The limited edition wine is a Vermentino blend joined by those increasingly hard-to-find natives: Malvasia del Candia, Albarola and Trebbiano all from the oldest vineyards. Old vines that over the last few years have been revived, cared for and put back into production through a process of care and preservation of the land and its specificities carried out by Architect Andrea Tarabella for almost 10 years now, as a founding element of the producer’s philosophy.

Limited edition wine - Cantine Ramarro_Bianco C
Cantine Ramarro_Bianco C
Cantine Ramarro Bianco C
Cantine Ramarro Bianco C

Bianco C Limited Edition Candia DOC from Cantine Ramarro

The result is Bianco C, an intense and classy wine designed, with its 14 percent alcohol content, to satisfy the most discerning palates. “Bianco C, among the whites of Cantine Ramarro is certainly the one that most represents our territory, it is the wine of our grandparents,” explains Andrea Tarabella, “which we wanted to propose with all its richness of aromas and flavors.

The Limited Edition Wine that is the Perfect Gift Idea

Bianco C arrives close to the Christmas holidays, for which the winery has prepared several options with elegant tasting packages perfect as gift ideas.

Cantine Ramarro

1,000 Bottles of a Limited Edition Wine Emblem of Heroic Viticulture

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