Living to the Rhythm of Music with Giuseppe Viganò for Turri

From dining to living, Turri’s home is colored in contemporary elegance with collections designed by Giuseppe Viganò, inspired by the rhythm of music: Blues, Drum and Soul.

Blues Turri

The living and bedroom offerings of the Blues collection are complemented by the dining room, which welcomes new furniture elements: the Blues table and chair, sideboard and display cabinet.

Traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail return as guiding concepts on which the development of the Blues collection is based, created in 2020 as a selection of designer sofas designed by Giuseppe Viganò – Studio Viganò.

The fundamental role of Blues music in Western culture finds its own dimension in Turri’s design: the Blues table with its graphic sign, analogous to that of a parenthesis, marks a horizontal division of space reminiscent of the track of Blues notes.

The base of the table evokes wings, both aesthetic and functional, that support the top, in an elegant play of lines. Finally, a metal detail makes the central meeting point sophisticated. The top features rounded corners and light, circular lines, which have also distinguished previous products in the collection, as has the profile, also rounded and enriched all around with the same metal detail as the base.

The different varieties of materials and finishes of the top – in wood or marble – and the base – in walnut or glossy lacquered wood – make the Blues table a design element suitable for any interior.

The identity of the Turri brand is also recognizable in the Blues chair, which looks like a true sculptural object: the sinuous line unites the backrest and armrest in a single gesture. The backrest, in fact, embraces and envelops the seat, while the legs soar towards that very gesture, giving uniqueness and lightness to the whole.

Here, too, the combination of wood and metal, typical of the collection, returns clearly. The chair, one of the furniture staples, manages to interpret the space by defining the style of a trendy area of the home.

The use of a fixed pattern-as taught by blues music-finds a place in the elegance and versatility of the sideboard, made of walnut wood, with wooden or marble tops, and metal profiles. Materials that provide stability and uniqueness to the product, which is well suited to the needs of a fundamental room in the home. Four doors and a drawer, with handles in the typical “T” shape, add functions and storage on several levels, making the sideboard practical and innovative. The upper level, covered in marble or wood, looks like a surface ready to accommodate accessories and design objects.

The need to complete the living area led to the creation of another element: the Blues cabinet. Here the lightness of the glass sides meets the solidity of the drawers with a metal edge that, fixed on the bottom, seem almost suspended. The whole is supported by slender legs, typical of the Blues collection, which make the structure even lighter, turning it into a real jewel. Its linear appearance, easily adaptable to any type of space and decor, makes the Blues display case perfect for any living area.

The wide range of fine materials and finishes allows for the customization of the Blues sideboard and display cabinet, revisiting in a contemporary way furnishing elements that belong to the Italian tradition.

From table and chair to desk and executive chair, the step was short. The same concept of ergonomics and comfort that can be felt in the dining area has also been applied to the office area: the new proposals of the Blues collection, designed by Giuseppe Viganò, transform the office into an innovative and stimulating space, where the balance between creativity and productivity is not only possible but also reflects the authenticity of the Turri brand.

Standing out for its dynamism and sinuosity is the Blues executive desk, in the wood and leather version, which echoes the soft forms typical of the Blues collection. The strong visual impact is emphasized by the presence of two sloping side drawer units that, as if moved by the Blues rhythm, support the table top by dropping down to create a closure at the front. A perfect combination of elegance and practicality.

Accompanying the desk, the executive chair with sinuous and harmonious features reinterprets the refined forms of 1950s office workstations in a modern key. As comfortable and cozy as a hug: with its curved backrest it envelops soft upholstery and invites a feeling of comfort even at work.

The combination of the five-spoke steel base, casters that make it easy to move around, and the ability to raise and recline the backrest gives a feeling of complete relaxation. The armchair is available in both an executive version with a high backrest and a lower visitor version without a headrest.

Drum Turri

Music also returns as an inspiration in Giuseppe Viganó’s Drum collection, where the rhythm becomes more electronic.

This is also told by the very name of the entire collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò, which is reminiscent of drum machines, usually used in electronic music recordings, but which can also serve multiple functions: measuring time-just like traditional metronomes-or reproducing the rhythms and sounds of percussion instruments.

As with electronic music, which revolves around a strong rhythmic core built with specific instrumentation,the beat of time in the Drum line is marked by the modularity of the couch. A contemporary movement that runs through every detail of the upholstery: from the central part, with the wide seat, to the side panels, covered in woven leather or smooth fabric.

The sofa, supported by a walnut wood frame with metal details, gives at the same time a feeling of softness and solidity. The association with the infinite possibilities of sound is articulated in the wide range of customizations granted by the nature of the Drum sofa: the conceivable compositions make this piece of furniture a concrete answer to the most varied needs of taste and space. In fact, the Drum model can be “fixed”, in the form of a two and three-seater armchair, or in the modular version.

Turri’s attention to detail and craftsmanship are further expressed in the customization of the side panels of the armrests, which can be upholstered in smooth or woven leather.

The timbral complexity of Drum, as with electronic sounds, accommodates the possibility of the inclusion of a rectangular coffee table, another element that can be integrated into the sofa configuration to complete the composition.

In combination, also included in the Drum collection are the coffee table, designed in a rectangular or square version, and the round side table, which, imitating the rhythm of the Drum sofa, feature details in matt light platinum metal and are fitted with wooden or marble tops.

The deliberate absence of decorative elements in favor of attention to detail and formal refinement reflects the direction Turri has taken in recent years to focus on decidedly more contemporary production that continues to ensure uniqueness and quality in projects without altering the company’s DNA.

Soul Turri

Finally, Giuseppe Viganò’s signature returns in the elements of the Soul collection designed for living, dining and bedroom areas.

It continues the story launched in 2021 with the sofa and armchair by resuming the dialogue on harmony and contemporary living. This presupposes a focus on the needs of daily living that demands more and more comfort and functionality. The answer to a new concept of home and living space comes with: table, chair, sideboard, hutch and TV cabinet for the living area.

As with music, the Soul table has a soul and it resides in the sinuous and elegant development of the central leg covered in leather. The deep and intense movement is sharply interrupted on the surface by an oblique cut that brings out the round section and gives dynamism to the structure. The slight flaring toward the ground finds its counterbalance in the narrowing of the tabletop.

The soft, rounded style defined by minimal details, typical of the Soul line, reflects the possibility of making one’s home an immersive place made of comfort and beauty.

The Soul chair, designed to surround the table, is even more comfortable and cozy thanks to the presence of armrests integrated with the seat. Upholstered entirely in leather or fabric, it features triangular-section metal feet in Matt Light Platinum finish.

The sideboard shows a special metal frame that outlines its front and brings out the suspension from the floor, made possible through refined bent sheet metal feet, which pick up the rounded taste of the front frame. The Soul sideboard features a chest of drawers and two doors inside which various objects and utensils can be stored. Marble or wood details applied on the front replace the presence of handles.

The Soul display case echoes the metal profile and the alternation of solids and voids of the sideboard, which, here, also finds space in the verticality of the cabinet. The linearity of the glass doors is interrupted by the marble inserts, emphasizing the coexistence of such different materials, making the products of the Soul collection suitable for reception in design environments with a strong personality. The common features of the Soul collection are also recognizable in the TV cabinet and coffee table that complete the living area.

The metal edge contours the entire front perimeter of the TV cabinet emphasizing the softness of the shapes, while the absence of handles is answered by the detail – in walnut or marble wood – applied on the lacquered structure, which is essential for the opening of the doors and drawers. The play of contrasts between materials and colors also gives harmony and movement to the Soul coffee table, available in high or low versions. Lightness and solidity can coexist thanks to the bent sheet metal legs ready to support the marble top.

All these elements of the Soul collection are available single-color glossy lacquered wood and Matt Light Platinum for metals and walnut wood or marble for details/handle.


Living to the Rhythm of Music with Giuseppe Viganò for Turri

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