Luxury and Fine Dining on Lake Garda: Two Tables Remarquables for the Grand Hotel Fasano

The 5* Luxury Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe in Gardone Riviera, located in the province of Brescia on the beauty of Lake Garda,  reaches a new accolade as the first and only European hotel to boast two restaurants recognized Table Remarquables within the community les Collectionneurs, a recognition established to indicate the insignias that stand out for their attention to the territory, local products, and qualified producers and breeders.

Les Collectionneurs on Lake Garda

  After the culinary success of Ristorante Il Fagiano led by Chef Maurizio Bufi, in the community that brings together hoteliers and travelers and boasts Alain Ducasse as brand president, an evening proposal arrives curated by Chef Pasquale Tozzi with the debut of Ristorante Il Pescatore.

“Since last year we have decided to change course, entrusting the management of the three hotel restaurants to two different chefs,” said the Mayr family, owners of the hotel, “In this way we have allowed them to devote more attention to the definition of the three proposals – the third is that of the Magnolia Ristorante – and the study of their respective menus, to guarantee our guests a high-level experience throughout the day. A choice that has paid us back in less than a year with many satisfactions. This is undoubtedly the greatest of them, because it underscores the uniqueness of the hotel’s gastronomic proposal, which we want to maintain in the future as well.”

“For the les Collectionneurs traveler, as for the any guest, having the opportunity to try two great cuisines in a single location is definitely an added value and a very valid reason to choose the Grand Hotel Fasano as a destination for their vacations” notes Stefano Pesce, Restaurant Network Manager Italy of les Collectionneurs. 

“The traveler has the opportunity to never be bored at the table, with the assurance that whatever choice they make can translate into a gastronomic experience of great value. The upgrade made to Il Pescatore by the forward-looking ownership of the Grand Hotel Fasano is a winning decision and in step with the choices of an increasingly demanding public. Realizing a double culinary project of great quality as done by Grand Hotel Fasano is an ambitious and important operation, which is certainly rewarding to the historic hotel of Gardone Riviera.”

In the Kitchen of the Two Table Remarquables Restaurants

While each maintains its own identity – elegant dining room and creative cuisine for Il Fagiano Ristorante, more laid back dishes and more informal dining await at Il Pescatore Ristorante – the two flagship establishments of the 5* L Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe have managed to achieve the same recognition: Table Remarquables.

Specifically, it is a Bonne Table for both, a label that marks genuine and simple cuisine of which there are only 30 restaurants in Italy and 176 worldwide. Shared by their southern origins – Apulian for the former and Campanian for the latter – both chefs work in an area of the country that has adopted them for more than a decade.

If Bufi’s cuisine aims to emphasize local and Apulian raw materials through the refined dishes of the three tasting menus Anima, Frammenti, and Opera; Tozzi’s does the same with the products of the territory and of his native region, Campania, on the al la carte and tasting menu.

The Table Remarquables recognition, a desired reconfirmation for Ristorante Il Fagiano, is the perfect confirmation for Ristorante Il Pescatore and for Pasquale Tozzi, who served as sous chef at this hotel from 2009 to 2015 and who, as of March 2022, is the executive chef of two of the three restaurant offerings.

As a sign of the les Collectionneurs circuit, Ristorante Il Pescatore is obliged to commit to complying with a regulation drawn up by the association’s Quality Commission, which stipulates-among other things-that it prefers to use fresh, seasonal, local products. These are all characteristics that the location led by Chef Pasquale Tozzi has been complying with for some time.

Grand Hotel Fasano: an increasingly comprehensive hotel offering

In addition to the two restaurants, the hotel, recognized as an exceptional residence, is also part of the les Collectionneurs community. The location is praised for its natural setting, a green treasure chest of 12,000 square meters within which there are gardens with centuries-old trees, the rooms that are spacious, elegantly furnished and comfortable, and finally the structure that is an old nineteenth-century hunting lodge situated on the shores of the lake.

There are also many services at the hotel, including the new Aqva Spa The Wellness Centre opened on March 31 to mark the hotel’s 135th anniversary and 15 years of the wellness center. The spa has been completely renovated, redesigned, and integrated to become a national and international reference point for those seeking wellness on Lake Garda.

Grand Hotel Fasano

Luxury and Fine Dining on Lake Garda: Two Tables Remarquables for the Grand Hotel Fasano

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