Guiseppe Iannotti’s Fatto in Italia: Top Italian Chefs Create Tantalizing Menus at Luminist in Naples

September kicks off Fatto in Italia, a brand-new format for chef Giuseppe Iannotti’s Luminist in Naples at Gallerie d’Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo’s cultural and artistic hub.

Chef Giuseppe Iannotti’s Culinary Itinerary Made in Italy 

Chef Giuseppe Iannotti, already a two-star Michelin chef with his location Krèsios in Telese Terme who is at the helm of Luminist – part of the Neapolitan project featuring dining on multiple floors and offerings, from a café to fine dining – has created a format that includes a series of chefs who will take over the Luminist kitchen for a single evening.

A series of not-to-be-missed appointments on the Naples dining scene, where guest chefs will bring their cultural and emotive backgrounds to tell their own stories and their territory, through exclusive dishes and tasting itineraries.

Three Guest Chefs at Luminist

Fatto in Italia opens on September 21st with the arrival at Via Toledo of Corrado Assenza. The Sicilian chef will treat guests to an exclusive menu showcasing dishes linked to his territory, on a journey of travel and discovery of the exceptional products and dishes of the unique island called Sicily. A pastry pioneer and soul of the historic Caffè Sicilia in Noto, Assenza is many things, from pastry master to chef, from baker to ice cream maker, but, above all, he is an expert in raw materials, which he interprets with rigor and flair, always respecting them.

The second event of Fatto in Italia will be held on October 30th, starring Gianfranco Pascucci, Michelin-star chef at Pascucci al Porticciolo in Fiumicino. A great experience and seafood cuisine will be at the center of a dinner designed by one of the most original and enlightened interpreters of seafood in all its facets, from its cuts to its cooking. Pascucci’s cuisine bases its conceptual framework on the sea, not as a single element, but as an eco-system, capable of bringing together in a dish all the best that the territory offers, from sea to land.

On November 15th, Luminist’s kitchen will be led by Alessandro Dal Degan, Michelin star chef at La Tana di Asiago. The former prodigy of Italian cuisine will narrate his tasting philosophy through dishes that are veritable travel inspirations. In the Asiago restaurant, Alessandro Dal Degan has experimented with a unique menu path, totally blind, during which the guest relies on the room and the kitchen for an exhilarating experience that involves all the senses. In Naples, the route will be a surprise.

Giuseppe Iannotti

Guiseppe Iannotti’s Fatto in Italia: Top Italian Chefs Create Tantalizing Menus at Luminist in Naples

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