Marchesi 1824’s Sweet Easter

On a spring meadow and among silver rabbits, Marchesi 1824 unveils its Easter collection. Traditional doves and finely hand-decorated eggs tell of the beauty of a light and carefree season.

Marchesi 1824 Easter is tinged with pastel colors and cheerful silver bunnies to tell of the beauty of light and carefree spring. Traditional sweets and fine decorations made on chocolate eggs and doves release all their beauty and goodness.

“This year for our sweet creations we were inspired by the fairy-tale world of Easter bunnies. We started from that tradition to make the decorations, strictly handmade, of our chocolate eggs and doves. And thus tell, through our sweets, a refined and dreamy story suitable for young and old alike,” says Diego Crosara, Master Pastry Chef of Marchesi 1824.

Marchesi 1824 Chocolate Eggs

A collection of Easter eggs with painted natural elements or with fine high-relief decorations in royal icing and sugar paste executed by hand on a base of the finest dark, milk, and white chocolate enrich Pasticceria Marchesi’s Easter collection. Available exclusively to order in 1-kg and 2-kg sizes, in which personalized gifts can be included.

A special almond egg encloses the finest dried fruit. The 61 percent dark chocolate exterior is enriched with a milk and gianduja interior and a mix of almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts.

High-quality dark or milk chocolate Easter eggs enclosed in Pasticceria Marchesi’s distinctive lantern-shaped packages complete the offering.

Marchesi 1824 Sweet & Savory Novelties

Two novelties in leavened items for Marchesi Confectionery. The first concerns the Colomba, offered in a second version with candied orange and gianduia cubes made with milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts. The citrusy flavor of the orange blends perfectly with the toasted notes of the hazelnut and the sweetness of the milk chocolate, a perfect marriage of flavor.

The second new entry is a savory-leavened product: the Easter Focaccia with cheese and saffron. Typical Easter focaccia from northern Italy, revisited in a savory version thanks to the addition of Kinara cheese and precious Italian saffron.

Marchesi 1824 Leavened Classics

Inevitable then is Marchesi 1824’s classic Colomba, the most famous traditional Easter cake, made with a recipe that respects ancient tradition, combining expert processing with slow leavening with mother yeast and a selection of excellent raw materials. Available in 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, and 3kg sizes.  

Fine decorations, which are made strictly by hand, are then used to embellish the dove covered with a soft almond paste. Available to order in the 2-kg size.

Marchesi 1824’s signature Easter sweets, experience includes colorful chocolate bunnies, tinned eggs filled with mouth-watering cremini, grand cru, and pastel-hued eggs, and the precious gift boxes that enclose a selection of products representative of the Easter tradition.

Marchesi 1824

Marchesi 1824’s Sweet Easter

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