The Principle of Lightness

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, MDF Italia is launching a capsule collection that reinterprets four iconic products: The Principle of Lightness.

It has always been MDF Italia‘s ambition to create design objects that not only have the ability to become icons, but succeed in the feat of establishing a canon, that set of universal principles that defines a company’s identity.

The Principle of Lightness is a capsule collection that repurposes four excellent products from MDF Italia’s history – in limited editions, with a steel or aluminum finish polished by hand – freezing them in time while simultaneously offering them a new life.

Tense MDF Italia

Designed by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga in 2009, Tense represents the archetype of the table idea. Characterized by the consistency of shapes and finishes, it is an icon of lightness and flexibility: thanks to the internal tension, it can reach up to 4 meters in length. Within the MDF Italia collections, the Tense family today is available in 16 finishes, 5 heights, and 36 sizes. For The Principle of Lightness collection, Tense is repurposed with a manually polished steel finish.


Honorable Mention XVIII Compasso d’Oro ADI in 1998, Minima is an aluminum bookcase system composed of three pivotal elements-shelf, upright, container-that can be freely configured. Designed by Bruno Fattorini and characterized by the essentiality and lightness of its lines, Minima is one of MDF Italia’s iconic products. For The Principle of Lightness collection, it is repurposed with a manually polished aluminum finish.

Le Banc

Designed by Xavier Lust in 2001, Le Banc is a curved aluminum bench only 6 mm thick. A light and very thin icon, characterized by the continuity of the sign, Le Banc is suitable for public spaces and private residences, indoor or outdoor. Today within the MDF Italia collection, it is available in 3 finishes and 3 different lengths. For The Principle of Lightness, Le Banc is repurposed with a manually polished aluminum finish.


Designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga in 2004, Lofty is a stainless steel, mirror-polished seating system. A perfect synthesis of technology and craftsmanship, Lofty is the result of a long and laborious process of studying, designing and shaping steel, which returns essential and sophisticated geometries. For The Principle of Lightness collection, Lofty is reproposed in the chair version, with the original steel finish, polished by hand.

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The Principle of Lightness

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