The Grace and Charm of a Round Table

The soft curve of an infinite circle, the way the eye slides over the form, the sense of graceful movement it creates – there is a reason that we gather so well at a round table and there is a reason why it seems to so easily occupy the space of any style of room. Conviviality, elegance and beauty – the round table embodies a unique charm, playing a fundamental role in the living area as well. Read along as Cucina d’Italia shares a few refined examples from Italian design brands.


Infinity Round Table Giorgio Collection

A luxurious table in damask mahogany inlaid with a glossy brushed polyester finish stands out in the centre of the dining proposal of the Infinity collection by an icon of Italian design. A distinctive touch is the sculptural base in chrome-plated light gold, a polyhedron whose facets become a source and reflective surface of light, making the entire structure dynamic. The rectangular version can be combined with refined round versions, accompanied by the practical yet traditional Lazy Susan, available in the eight marbles in the catalogue: Green Bolivia, Black Marquinia, Whiten Carrara, Dark Emperador, Beige Emperador, Madagascar Black & Gold, Calacatta Vagli and Hymalaia Onyx.

Nvl Table MDF Italia

A single-material, round table with contemporary lines and a strong personality: NVL Table by MDF Italia, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. The distinctive features of his architecture are in fact fully manifested in this product and exalt the stylistic elements that have always distinguished Jean Nouvel’s work: pure geometric shapes, formal lightness, graphics and rigour. The simplicity of the forms dialogues harmoniously with the solidity of the material in a play of contrasts: the table top appears thin and light and seems to float above the base. The central support is composed of two volumes that taper towards the top and create two symmetrical bases to support the top, thus recalling the principle of the trilithium, a structure formed by two vertical elements and a third one resting horizontally. Simple and elegant, thanks to its round shape it fully encourages the conviviality of guests, revealing a great elegance in any environment, both in the lacquered version, glossy or matt, and in the material variants in reconstructed marble ebony black and Carrara white, or reconstructed stone.

Plinto Meridiani

An interplay of delicate design balances distinguishes Plinto, the series of dining tables designed by Andrea Parisio for Meridiani Editions. Characterized by the formal cleanliness typical of Meridiani’s production, Plinto is an invitation to the freedom of furnishing, making this Italian design a container of infinite possible combinations, thanks to which everyone will be able to see their ideal table created, choosing from finishes, shapes and sizes. Aerial bases in black metal or bronzed brass are combined with solid volumes that can also be declined in a round shape, covered in different types of marble, in various types of wood or lacquered, and are freely combined with tops of different shapes, creating games of solids and voids.

Elica Zanotta

A sign that encapsulates the idea of strength and movement in a monolithic form: the Elica table by Zanotta, designed by Prospero Rasulo. The Cristalplant® base, a composite material based on polyester and acrylic resins loaded with minerals, mass pigmented in matt white, is the fulcrum of the project: the particular material it is made of makes it possible to obtain a sinuous shape with sculptural twists. The top of this round table can be made of tempered glass, extra-clear etched glass painted white, or white Carrara marble. There is also a version with a matt black painted base to match the Sahara Noir marble top. Pure power in Italian design.

The Grace and Charm of a Round Table

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