The Parisian Allure in Velvet

An elegant and original staging to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Saint-Germain velvet: “Veloutées,” organized by the iconic fabric brand in collaboration with Galerie Philia, an international gallery of modern art and contemporary design with offices in New York, Geneva, and Singapore, under the artistic direction of Ygaël Attali, is on stage until January 17th at the Métaphores Showroom in Paris.

Interest in pure, graphic lines is the creative cue for the installation, which dresses the space in a bright, candid white. A suspended and rarefied atmosphere, almost theatrical, where sculptural creations by Italian designer and architect Pietro Franceschini in four shades of green stand out.

Métaphores celebrates with a scenic display of refined allure

To celebrate ten years of production, Saint-Germain velvet, the brand’s iconic fabric, is the protagonist of the installation and covers the seats, with their pure and functional volumes, furnishing the space and taking possession of it by enhancing the color and materiality of the weave. Made for more than a decade in the Métaphores workshops, Saint-Germain, in pure cotton, is characterized by its depth, density and softness to the touch.

The velvet, with its voluptuous feel, is combined with subtle nuances that run the full spectrum of light and features a wide color palette, from warm earth tones and leather to shades of electric blue and emerald green.

Métaphores fabrics are born out of the delicate alchemy between material, spirit and gesture: refinement is diffused in the selection of natural fibers, in the remarkable sensory and visual inventiveness and in the preservation of exceptional craftsmanship. Designed for upholstery, tapestries and curtains, they decorate volumes and enliven spaces, fundamentally rediscovering the dwelling places.


The Parisian Allure in Velvet

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