Mother’s Day as Told by Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Grezzo Raw Chocolate celebrates Mother’s Day and the priceless value of mothers with new raw, vegan and gluten-free desserts, turning them into messages of love.

This is how Cuore di Mamma Raspberry and Raw Chocolate was created, destined to set the standard in raw chocolate confectionery: from the sugar-free dark raw chocolate coating, to a raw chocolate ganache, passing through a soft sweet and sour shortbread with a color obtained from the combination of raspberry and red turnip, to finish with a heart of creamy raw white chocolate, delicately citrusy.

“For this superior taste experience – says the CEO of Grezzo Raw Chocolate, Nicola Salvi – we were inspired by the figure of the mother and the many different delicious nuances of a mother’s love, all enclosed in a warm heart. Naming this dessert was quite simple. That’s why we called it, without mincing words, Cuore di Mamma (Mother’s Heart).”

There are also other raw delicacies to choose from, such as the Golden Love, a heart with a soft shortbread with a salted caramel and hazelnut flavor, wrapped in a crunchy raw chocolate coating with hazelnut grains.

A limited edition, is also proposed in the Mimosa Cruist double cake format and single portion: raw sponge cake, without baking or leavening, colored naturally with turmeric, made with only organic and vegetal ingredients through an innovative method of cold processing. Inside there is a sweet surprise: a lemon cream covered with a frosting of raw white chocolate is right in the heart of this cake, a symbol of femininity.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate, thanks to the techniques of cruelty-free pastry, since 2014 offers healthy and nutritious vegetable desserts, dispelling the myth of tradition that sweets have to be rich in sugars and refined flours.

The raw materials used as ingredients, scrupulously researched, are all vegetable, organic and sustainable.

Mother’s Day as Told by Grezzo Raw Chocolate

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