My Home’s Bordone collection: the perfect interpreter of contemporary lifestyle

The language of functional and typological innovation now inhabits the outdoor as well: The comfort of the Bordone collection and its revolving terminals.

Welcoming and beauty to furnish iconic, timeless outdoor and indoor spaces that make the atmosphere fresh and special through formal, refined and elegant but – above all – innovative choices.

In addition to the indoor collection, the BORDONE collection expands to include a refined functional outdoor modular range with beautiful UV- and weather-resistant fabrics.

With its stage presence and its innovative functionality, BORDONE OUTDOOR offers a clear projection of the potential of this unique sofa collection.

Comfortable at first glance, cozy and always on the move, BORDONE OUTDOOR is a perfect interpreter of the contemporary lifestyle. It easily fits into outdoor spaces such as verandas, terraces, porches and gardens, not only in residential settings, but also in the hospitality sector, bringing its original design, durability and reliability over time.

The environments of the MyHome collection narrate stories of lived atmospheres, of emotions to be shared, of moments of inner reflection, welcoming and capturing every single moment of daily life.

“the company’s strong point is the upholstery ” explain designers Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza ” it has been natural to design also the outdoor version of the sofa because life habits have changed and having the opportunity to experience moments of relaxation in the open air is now a real priority “.

The structure of the BORDONE outdoor sofa is made of marine plywood, the padding is in open-cell polyurethane, which is suitable for outdoor environments, since it allows rainwater and moisture to filter through, thus preventing the generation of mold; and the feet are made of galvanized steel with weather-resistant paint and anti-corrosion treatment.

The fabrics proposed for the OUTDOOR collection are breathable, hypoallergenic, nontoxic and also 100% from the recycling chain, antistatic and unassailable by microorganisms. Furthermore, they ensure high resistance to tearing and abrasion, are easy to maintain and can be easily washed in water or dry without any need for ironing. Easily wipeable, their resistance to ultraviolet rays ensures very high color fastness in sunlight.

The natural earth colors, in shades, ranging from brown to burnt earth tones, sand, mud and clay, are the common thread that amalgamates the products on display at the Salone del Mobile 2024 edition, creating an airy, welcoming living space that emanates a sense of naturalness and harmony. A space that immediately puts you at ease, where you can relax and breathe.

The BORDONE sofa is featured in the modular oversize corner version by 4 x 4.5 meters where the 360-degree swivel terminals, integrated into the composition , show how with a simple movement of the feet, while remaining seated, one can change the point of view, meet the gaze and converse with other people seated at the table, or move to the TV or the garden, depending on their different needs. The idea is simple and incisive, offering new openings and opportunities for relationships between the various areas of the house.

MY HOME presents an outdoor space with an exclusive character, both because of the presence of the sofa in motion, which is the perfect interpreter of living in freedom en plein air, and because the dining table, stools and coffee tables in terracotta, made entirely in TUSCANY and perfect interpreters of an ancient skillful craftsmanship, which can be recognized all over the world.

My Home collection

My Home collection is a company that bases its value on the highest quality craftsmanship, which can develop and create a design product. The manufacturing force is located in Tuscany, namely in Barberino Tavarnelle in the province of Florence. Tuscany confirms itself as a global pole of excellence in leather goods, luxury and the enhancement of Made in Italy. The craftsmanship behind every product is the result of the wisdom of a company rooted in the territory, which has been able to maintain traditions with an eye toward innovation and research.

“every product of ours is born from the wisdom gained through years and years of experience in the manufacturing of high range furniture,” so says Marco Gazziero-CEO

“our company is an example of true Made in Italy, where skills have been acquired in the territory from decades and are exported all over the world.”

“we deeply believe that we are living in a time when all the people who inhabit the planet must become more aware of what they do and of how they do it. For us, being sustainable means doing less but better. Putting a new item into production is a significant investment, not only for the company, but also for the environment, so we intend to produce only excellence, i.e. products with a surplus value, an intrinsic intelligence that justifies their new presence in the market,” thus speaks Chiara Gazziero – Managing Director

“this deeply streamlines our work but – at the same time – it makes it deeper and more satisfying for both us and our customers. We believe this fully represents the essence of the Made in Italy, which means beauty, quality, fine workmanship and the great strength of the ideas.”

My Home Collection

My Home’s Bordone collection: the perfect interpreter of contemporary lifestyle

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