Outdoor Dining Designed by knIndustrie

The pleasure of preparing a lunch, a dinner, a Sunday brunch or an aperitif en plein air surrounded by the beauty of nature: from this desire comes Serving-Kit, the knIndustrie collection developed to meet the need to change and replace tableware in a very short time and in a practical way when serving guests.

Eating in the shade of plants and surrounded by greenery – in a garden, or on a terrace or patio – settings where peaceful summer days an evening can be spent in peace and relaxation – becomes a particular pleasureespecially during the hottest months of the year.

Serving-Kit Collection knIndustrie

Thus, to optimize and speed up table service, knIndustrie offers the Serving-Kit collection. The system consists of outdoor tableware including the Cube riser, designed by Marcello Ziliani, available in two heights of 10 and 18 cm in a stone-washed finish, to be used, from time to time, as a base for the various components.

The outdoor tableware elements that support the presentation of food are all generously sized and make it possible to better manage the available space by presenting everything needed in a single solution, to make the enjoyment of food fascinating and functional.

In knIndustrie’s outdoor dining proposal, risers, trays, and various kitchen tools, such as pots and pans and containers, are used with different functions and stand on the table in a triumph of summer colors. They also dialogue harmoniously with beverage offerings: in mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, fruit meets the scents of plants and herbs.

A corner is dedicated to them on the table where guests can serve themselves, with the elegance of design that characterizes the collection of pitchers and glasses.


Outdoor Dining Designed by knIndustrie

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