Outdoor Seating by Cassina

Welcome to Cassina’s latest collection of outdoor furnishings – captivating lines, natural colors and weather proof materials make these outdoor chairs extremely alluring. For 2016 the company, which is part of Meda, has laid out a collection, Collezione Outdoor, which is at its heart an innovative interpretation of several important projects by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand using carefully studied, high tech solutions to adapt these designs to outdoor living. Seat cushions are made with organic natural fibers that drain liquid and are upholstered with ultra resistant materials while the structure of the chairs is made up of tubes of stainless steel. The result is a collection that is perfect for public outdoor areas, prestigious hotels, yachts and even for private homes.

CASSINA outdoor LC1 800

One of the elegant chairs in this year’s collection is the LC1, iconic with its rational and modern lines. It makes for the perfect poolside furnishing or for deck seating on a yacht. The entire structure of the chair is made with shiny stainless steel which looks like chrome, while the cushions are made of all weather polyester covered in PVC, allowing for a material which won’t easily fade, and is resistant to water, oil and UV rays.

CASSINA outdoor LC3 800

The elegant and soft seating of Cassina’s LC3 is available as both an armchair and as a sofa with space for two. The tubes are made of a brushed stainless steel. The joints are welded with high performance silver while the netting is made of strong polyester – a combination which guarantees a chair capable of weathering all sorts of climatic conditions. The comfortable cushions are stuffed with a super lightweight hollow material that creates a high level of airflow allowing the cushions to dry rapidly. The addition of a layer of polyurethane assures that water is drained away preventing it from stagnating on the surfaces of the cushions.

CASSINA outdoor LC7 800

Finally, there’s the LC7, a chair that turns designed by Charlotte Perriand. Its vertical and curved lines create a perfect balance of form while the original materials have been reinterpreted to guarantee the best in weatherproofing. The chair’s inner structure is made of a steel which is pretreated and varnished an opaque black, while the outer structure is in a shiny brushed stainless steel with high performance joints welded with silver. The careful attention to using the best in quality resistant materials assures for a chair that won’t corrode and is able to withstand all types of weather from the hot sun to the pouring rain.

Outdoor Seating by Cassina

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