Exploring the Archetypes of Italian Architecture

The capsule collection Roma, elegant, seductive, ethereal, timeless, born from the fervent creativity of Monica Armani, fully embodies Turri’s production philosophy: original, authentic, unique.

Turri, a company from Como with almost a century of history, has been able to grasp the evolution of society’s taste and sensitivity, implementing a process of renewal that has led to the creation of a more contemporary identity, in which values, passion and all the craftsmanship are reflected.

Hence the encounter with Monica Armani’s International Style, which has given rise to the new Roma capsule collection in which the perfect balance between aesthetics and innovation, between technology and tradition, can be perceived.

The inspiration for the Roma collection is a timeless journey through the eternal city, among the archetypes of Italian architecture, starting from the Colosseum and arriving at the more modern Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro, in which the round arch is the undisputed protagonist, a synthesis of perfection and harmony, becoming the distinctive feature of the collection.

Roma, with its soft, rounded contours, shows its innovative DNA in the choice and use of fine materials. The historic skill of the Turri brand in the creation of lacquered surfaces finds its highest expression in Roma: the contemporary geometric print applied to the doors of the products is added to the combination of precious fabrics and embroidered leathers that tell a singular and timeless design.

“Straight and round lines chase each other, connect to create unique objects born from the union of historical memory and contemporaneity,” explains Monica Armani. The unique and complete semicircular section designed by the arch, the pivotal element of this collection, defines a wide range of furniture for the living and sleeping areas.

Meet the Roma Collection – Turri

The living dimension in its seductive simplicity offers two models of tables: the first confirms the circular thought of the entire capsule in the presence of the legs and the tabletop and features a unique metal base composed of vertical tubulars (available in Champagne Gold and Graphite Grey finishes), with a round or rectangular top in Calacatta Oro marble.

The second one, rectangular but with a curvaceous design, has a top with rounded corners and cylindrical legs, and is made entirely of single-color lacquered wood that highlights Turri’s skill in painting.

There could be no shortage of accompanying seating. With a smooth or embroidered backrest, upholstered in fabric or leather, Roma chairs express the reference to the round arch from which the entire collection is inspired, especially in the round plan form. The same line and customization options are also available for the Roma Lounge chair.

The geometric decoration on the cabinet‘s wooden doors can be printed on single-color lacquer finish, maintaining the possibility of the curved wooden sides, covered in leather. The versatility of this product is mainly dictated by the doors, which can be made of wood-with or without decoration-or glass, and inside them house four transparent glass shelves.

Following the line of the entire living area, the sideboard is designed to have wooden or glass doors, and in the wooden version it can be customized with a printed geometric decoration. The geometric element that characterizes the cabinet also returns in the sideboard, and the top can be in light marble.

The etagere’s tops, made of single-color glossy lacquered wood, on the back are vertically interspersed with upholstered panels that can be leather-lined and embroidered. The etagere’s vertical metal frame is available in the two finish variants.


Exploring the Archetypes of Italian Architecture

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